Moon in Gemini with Moon in Pisces

Although Gemini and Pisces are square to each other, as moon signs they are not always bad in a relationship. Definitely, it will take some time for them to get used to each other’s way because their viewpoints on love do not match. Meanwhile, whether they will succeed together will be completely up to Gemini. The interesting point is that despite all emotional imbalances, they may end up making their relationship long term. There is reason behind this.

In the beginning, Pisces might just stay as one of the multiple dating options for Gemini. The fish is soft and easy going and has no problem waiting. If all fails, the twins will come back to it. Some good aspects are still needed to give birth to attraction in their emotions.

Astrologically, the twins like talking and fish is a good listener. These opposing elements can help them get close to each other. Both are curious about the world. This is also going to help them stay busy with each other. The twins will love the idea of exploring and experimenting with Pisces.

Yet expect irritation in Geminian emotions. Without a doubt, they respect and appreciate Pisces’ ability to listen. But in broader sense, they long for a partner whose emotions are good at being moderately opinionated and logical. The fish usually does not bear such traits. But change may occur which can finally make them stay in the relationship a little bit longer. Do note that both are mutable. That might become their ultimate beneficial tool. How?

Pisces is emotional and sensitive. That can influence Gemini to become one with all that is emotional. It is not that Gemini will adhere to this all the time. but yes, it will at least learn to think emotionally. In the same way, Pisces will feel influenced by the element of air to become more verbal, intellectual and logical. So this relationship is going to be valuable for both.

There is a high possible that trust between the two might go through ups and downs. Pisces is psychic. As a result, it will pick up the changing viewpoints of Gemini. Unfortunately, this will cause a little bit of friction in their relationship.

As mentioned before, whether they will see success depends much on Gemini. Pisces will definitely want to hold onto the relationship. But our twins are indecisive and reluctant to deal with a sensitive partner.

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