Moon in Cancer with Moon in Aries

Cancer moon is extremely psychic and this means it is good at detecting others’ feelings. Any danger is usually avoided through the use of hard shell. After all this, is it possible for them to make room in its heart for outgoing lunar Aries? Probably yes.

The clue is that despite having that tough shell, it does not have much power to say no to love. This means that for a while, it might see the straightforward chase of Aries as threatening, but then a time will come when it will just open up. Other times, it might simply choose to test the loyalty of its chasing admirer. This is a common very Cancerian feature.

Once in the relationship, Cancer will feel safe under the enthusiasm of Aries. Some expectations will then follow according to which the crab will want the ram to be always nurturing and devoted to the relationship. But perhaps, the expectations will remain expectations here.

Aries moon wants lots of friends, adventure and independence. Sitting 24/7 with a relationship is not something bearable to its heart. Our crab will sense it, yet choose to stay in denial. Being cardinal, it will try to save the relationship by being protective and attentive. Unfortunately, this is going to create more distance between them. The reason is pretty simple. On seeing too much love, Aries will begin to lose interest.

Additionally, the ram prefers straightforwardness in the relationship. Also sometimes, it can be quite a fighter. This is not going to go well with our sensitive crab. The fight might still take place. But somehow it will not satisfy the appetite of the excited ram. Why? Because the crab fights indirectly in most cases. Examples include getting away from the fight location, staying silent to give an impression that nothing is happening and hinting insults.
Cancer is well known for its quality of accepting people as they are. This means that despite all the ugly dramas, it might choose to stay with Aries. Other favorable aspects will be helpful in this situation.

But according to the law of nature, water puts out the fire. In astrology, this is interpreted as emotions putting out enthusiasm and thrill. That is why, the relationship of Cancer the water sign, and Aries the fire sign suddenly sees a drop in strength.

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