Moon in Cancer with Moon in Taurus

Taurus is the answer to Cancer’s prayer for love and security. The two can give birth to just the right relationship. However, one thing Cancer must remember is that the emotions of the bull are not blind to love. What this means is that if they see a date or relationship covered with tests they might simply ask the carrier to move on to the next candidate. So taking caution is necessary.

The crab’s psychic nature swiftly senses the positive thoughts of the bull. As a result, the infatuation can occur in it quite quickly. If tamed in a straightforward way, the bull too will find itself falling hard.
Since these signs share emotional similarities, the carriers will find it easy to bond with each other. They both love the idea of staying away from public eye. That is why, many of their dates will be arranged in private places. Sometimes, they may choose to just stay at home.

Starting the relationship will turn into a life changing event for both of them. Cancer likes the idea of saving money. Business minded Taurus likes to see it doubled and tripled. These two factors if blended together will bring about financially stable future in both the carriers’ lives.

All those great things will not happen or go in vain if these two signs of emotions initially do not get to know each other’s emotions properly. The truth is that no matter how much they are alike, their communication styles will either make or break their relationship. Cancer is known for its frequent mood swings and devotion to silence. Taurus must be informed about it. Otherwise, misunderstandings will occur.

But since both are very relationship oriented, they will not hesistate to get things cleared up with each other faster. Sextile aspect is surrounding them. What this means is that no difference is too big to cause problem in their relationship. Yet the Cancerean emotions should always remember to not take a mature Taurus mind for granted.

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