Moon in Gemini with Moon in Virgo

It is usually hard for understandings to take place between air and earth signs. In the case of Gemini and Virgo, things go one step farther. But they may still feel attracted to each other. The connection will be purely the result of their other planetary aspects. Thanks to planet Mercury, it is likely for these signs to feel attracted to each other through flirting. In general, Gemini does not feel attracted to Virgo. But the conversation will definitely increase the pull. Since both are into studying the world, they may also enjoy some good dates at museums and parks.

If they get into a relationship with each other, many problems will arise which at one point might only cause enmity between them. Most of it will be in the combination of Virgo moon female and Gemini moon male. Their personal lives do not match. The ladies here tend to be highly careful and detail oriented about managing the inside of the home. In her eyes, nothing must look unorganized. According to the viewpoint of our more carefree lunar Gemini male, this is not just frustrating, but also unnecessary. As a result, an argument about how to manage a home is definitely in their cards.

Things do not end there, of course. Sometimes these earthly females totally go in silent mode. This can even happen in the middle of a conversation. Their airy partners are not programmed to understand it and thus, will feel that its expectations in the relationship are not met. What about the reversed combination? Well, before we go into that, it is important to remember that the female carrier of lunar Gemini tends to be more patient in challenging relationships. Also she needs a problem to solve in order to feel things are going somewhere. This is what will be provided by the critical and analytical male of lunar Virgo. If, at one point, all his words start to look more insulting than challenging the lunar Gemini  lady might simply start to have second thoughts about the relationship.

Eventually, the mutability they have in their characters might turn into savior. What this means is that the two signs might use their mutable nature to adapt to each other's lifestyle. Out of love, people can do anything. But whether they will see success is the main question. Square aspect rules them. Technically, Gemini is not fond of restrictions. Thus, it will be the first to break free.

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