How to know You are Allergic to Eye Shadows

Drugstores and malls are the hubs for several eye shadow brands. The shades provided by them look tempting. Blame it on our psychology which cannot help getting drawn to a sight full of rainbow tablets.  For some, however, such an attraction can turn fatal. Not all eye shadows are harmless. That is why, it is not always possible to go by the beauty they evoke.  How old they are and what ingredients make them up can totally twist the tale. The end result is infliction of allergy. But how do you know that you too have become its victim?

The eye shadow application leaves you in tears:
This is by far one of the most common symptoms of eye shadow allergy. The preliminary stage involves trouble in keeping the eyes open because of an unusual irritation. It is not like a severe pain, but annoyance.
If you do not get rid of the eye shadow you will find yourself in tears within half an hour. It is hard to stop it from happening. The worst possible thing will happen if you cry. This is going to make the allergy even more intense because the tear water will moisten the eye shadow powder which eventually will start going in your eyes. This is going to welcome redness in them.

Eyelids get itchy and end up with rashes:
This can be taken as more severe than the first one. In this case, the eye shadow already has an allergy causing ingredient. A highly pigmented eye shadow can also turn out to be toxic. When it comes in contact with your eyelids you feel severe itch taking place in them. Just think about the poison ivy and caterpillar powder. On contact, they will leave your skin with itches and rashes.  This is the same thing that your eyelids get from an allergy inflicting eye shadow. Rashes forming from it may evoke burning sensation.

You are already allergic to many things:
You will be more at risk of being sensitive to all kinds of eye shadows if your system already suffers from various allergies coming from beef, fish, grass, perfumes, flowers and so on. Under such circumstances, you basically have to avoid eye makeup completely or go for just hypo allergic cosmetics.  Sometimes the system recovers from such a problem. Once this positive change takes place, it is possible to go back to wearing normal eye makeup. However, anything expired or has a high dose of toxic ingredients will still leave the eyelids vulnerable.

You are using an eye shadow contaminated with conjunctivitis virus:
Conjunctivitis can occur from eye shadow allergies. This is the final probable effect. Apparently, it is quite easy for this virus to spread through all shared cosmetics. So it is best to avoid buying someone’s returned cosmetics including eye shadows kits. Conjunctivitis symptoms include all the symptoms discussed above. They are usually accompanied by blurry pink eyes.  

Eye allergy is not something that can be treated as trivial. Watery and itchy eyes can prevent you from driving properly, for you will not be able to keep them open all the time. It is possible that you will have to blink too much and that can lead you to accidents. 

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