Highlighting Fashion Trends of Spring 2012

Since the economy is bad, the designers have made sure to not make the spring fashion trend too extravagant this time. Much emphasis is on how women can mix and match different spring colors to show off their happy and feminine traits. Therefore, this spring fashion is all about color trends that speak of happiness and feminine traits. But the one which hits the jackpot is orange. Final trick is to wear any pastel colors either solo or in blocks. This is what you will see a lot in school and at work.  But what about the clothes? They will cause no headache this time. Frequent spring shopping is totally out of the question. You will understand it all once you go through the list given below. It includes all that clothes that will make you welcome spring like a trendy socialite.

Casual Caprice, Pants and Shorts: Think in terms of Color

You have a choice this spring. Wear caprice, pants or shorts, but to stay in touch with the spring fashion, make sure they are of different spring colors instead of just plain black. See the examples given in the picture above.

Tops: Drape Neck is Going to be Popular along with Solo and Printed spring or intense Colors

It does not matter what top you choose to wear as long as they are of bright colors in solo or print form. Only thing is that stores will recommend you drape neck a lot.

Skirts: Think floral and color along with Paper Bag Waist Short

Whether short or long, the spring skirt must be willing to speak fluently in flowery and colorful languages. The best is to go for something more soothing to look at. Pastel orange is the way to go. To be completely in tune with the fashion trend, pick paper bag waist short skirts. See the examples given above. They are in floral and solo orange formats.

Dresses: Drapes with a touch of Pastel Orange or Red/Silhouette/ Color blocks

This spring the dresses are going to be simpler, yet feminine. Drapes will be very common to see. The fabrics will be of pastel orange or red. But silhouette and color blocks are also recommended.

So this spring is all about cute colors. We saw the same in nail polish department. Are you finding yourself confused about what pastel colors are? Sometimes, they can be hard to distinguish from the normal light ones.  But nothing is impossible. Pastel is the soft version of a normal color. Some examples include pearl light blue sea or pearl mint and peach.

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