Ugly Consequences of Resting Face on the Hand

Do you listen to someone talking while leaving the palm of your hand on your face? Do not be shy to say yes because we all are guilty of doing this. There is no doubt that the position feels comfortable for the head. Bones get to rest after all. But with that comes a price. Resting face on the hand has a few disadvantages which later can turn into something bigger.

Germ on the Face
Hands always remain busy. They touch a lot of things that are not clean at all. So they turn into arena for germs. It is really silly to think that just from one washing they can be kicked. It cannot happen. We cannot stop touching additional things that are full of dust and dirt. In brief, hands somehow remain unclean all the time. Think what that can mean for the facial skin. The logic is simple. Allowing the hands to remain on the face allows the dust and dirt to be transferred to the facial skin.

The ultimate result of this is acne. So if the reason behind why you get acne is still unknown do take a moment to track the movement of your hands.

Creating Wrinkles
Influencing the skin get used to some kind of practice can dramatically change its structure. This is how most skin care products and diet do their work. Apparently, hands can have similar impact both positively and negatively. The positive one can be found from the facial massage. It is soothing and good for what is underneath the skin. As for the negative one, it occurs from prolonged resting of the head on the face. Do you go to sleep with your hand covering your face? If yes then you might become its victim. Facial skin is almost like a fabric. Pressing it too much leaves portions of it with wrinkles. Notice the word “portions”. What this means here is that only spots which are being covered with the hands will see the wrinkles. The most vulnerable ones are laugh lines, forehead and skin between the forehead and nose.
Because of all this, it is best to break the habit of resting the face on the hand. Yes, the short term comfort is pleasurable. But think about the long term problems associated with it. Acne can be easy to eliminate, but wrinkles can stay stuck to skin for many years. They are way too stubborn.

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