Narcissistic Parents' Smear Campaign Against Scapegoats Now Available Online

In the real world, people hardly want to believe the scapegoated children. But now things have changed. Internet is making their voices heard. That truly is narcissists' worst nightmare. Obsviously, they wish to show all that they are innocent. Some try to tell their side of the story, but by using their favorite weapon called smear campaign. In bizzare turn of events, the blame is placed on their family scapegoats. In their talks, a precise formula garnished with word salad is always present. At home, it is applied in fregments. But online, they offer the full package like a thesis. The formula goes something like this:

➜ The scapegoat is always a big headache of the entire (unevolved) family. Everyone suffers because of this child. Therefore, expect the entire family to sing in chorus about how terrible he is.

➜ Neither the narcissist nor the family ever gets why the scapegoat complains about being abused in childhood. It just never happened. He is a liar. These days, they are shamelessly including this in their writings.

➜ Unsurprisingly, the narcissistic parent does include the long list of mostly false, trivial and forcefully created complaints against the scapegoat. What is the meaning of forcefully here? You see this parent wants to make sure that the scapegoat loses his control. She does this by criticizing and ignoring literally every normal and good thing he does. Once he realizes that he will never be acknowledged, he gives up. This way the narcissist achieves the goal of making him look useless. By the way, the long list of complaints is created so that the scapegoat can never get out of his role no matter how much he tries to fix his problems. Psychologists calle this moving the goalposts.

➜ It is dramatically highligted that he breaks house and social rules. Narcissists seems to be obessed with the idea of presenting the scapegoat as total loser. Below is just one example. Yes, the spelling is wrong. But it seems the narcissist is angry that the scapegoat is searching for a video regarding the disorder. The surprising element here is that the narcissist is describing herself. Psychologists call this projection.

➜ Money matter is never escaped. Sometimes the child is presented as a thief. Sometimes the child's low salary is the problem. If he makes a lot and is self sufficient the narcissist emphasizes that before this she was his provider.

➜ Expect to see the record of scapegoat's love life. The parent will always add shock value to it.

➜ The narcissist may also present the kid as a threat to the family, but in the middle, will end up  exposing her own psychopathic tendencies she practises at home. You will soon see how this person does not care if the child dies or gets destroyed. The photo below is a demo of that. For privacy reasons, only half of the original is presented here.

➜ The parent pretends to not understand what narcissist means, but then suddenly accusses the rest of the world including the scapegoat of being one.

➜ Because of all the above, the parent is the victim and blamish free.

How to see it all like a sane person? This parent is a failure because she was his authority figure. There is no way to clap with just one hand.

You will find lots of narcissistic parents doing this kind of smear campaign at rejected parents forum. Some posts really cross the line quite viciously, but no one seems to protest that. For instance, one user wrote that she prays to God everyday asking him to not let her son have children as she fears he will use them against her.

You may wonder why we don't have any examples here from that site. The reason is that the owner herself is another narcissistic parent and she has strict content policy. Still don't feel disappointed. The parents, these days, are running their smear campaigns on other sites also. Enjoy reading this crispy long piece:

Narcissistic Mother's Smear Campaign Against Her Drug Addicted Son
Narcissistic Mother's Lengthy Rant to Prove Daughter Is Suffering from Narcissism

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