Moon in Taurus with Moon in Aquarius

The relationship of lunar Taurus and Aquarius can be described as the party of north and south poles. Yes, they are that different from each other. Together they can do a good soap opera consisting of high voltage drama. The bull feels love for the lover deeply. But water bearer can love the entire world, but has trouble feeling fully for its sweetheart. For Taurus, relationship is the first priority and then comes everything else. For water bearer, all others are the first priority while relationship is just an everyday thing. Taurus wants its partner to be traditionally responsible to the relationship. Aquarius does not have time for it. Taurus wants quiet romantic dates. Aquarius prefers group date. Taurus is eager for official commitment. But its partner here cannot easily commit. Do you see how their personalities do not match? As each of these issues will be brought to table, they will find each other shocking.

Initial attraction can still occur between them. Much of it has to do with how the two appear to each other. The bull will like the friendly side of water bearer. The two might even find each other attractive physically. This can turn into simple infatuation. But then shock factor will pop up! The worst will happen within their relationship. But not much of it will be ever public. Since both of them are social they will hold many parties together for their friends. Inside closed room, their true faces will emerge. Their days will be spent on many disagreements. The first topic will be about role playing. The two will simply ask each other what they should be doing in this relationship.

In a way, things will be very confusing for them romantically. Much of it is linked to unevenness in their physical relationship. Taurus is sensual and loves to touch. Its love interest here can pretend to be romantic, but is not much into touching. Thus, many times, the bull will be in pain. The bull likes things stable and fixed words. Its partner is stable in the right relationship, but can often contradict in its words. Will it be okay for the bull? Not at all! Another thing is that water bearer is friendly to both the sexes. At times, it sees no boundaries in friendship. This can leave the bull completely burned in jealousy. Not much can be gained from the conversation either because they are obstinate in their own ways. They are not going to change themselves for each other.

In general, Taurus moon females will have better luck with Aquarius moon males. Since both are quite fixed, they will try their best to hold onto their relationship. Whether they will go towards the marriage depends more on their natal charts. Aquarius moon males have a hard time committing to homely women.

What about lunar Taurus men? They might completely avoid lunar Aquarius women. It is just that they prefer the serious feminine types. Also they are pickier and do not have good opinions on women who do not take relationships as their first priority.

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