Unethical Marketing Tricks Used on Women by Stores

College classes make marketing look sophisticated. But in stores, things are different. In such locations, whether there will be increase in sales depends largely on how the managers and salespeople promote what they have on shelves. Their legitimate tactics include different forms of discounts and free gifts. They always work.

But when they are not on air, some store employees try to utilize good customer service as a way to keep shoppers coming back. Most desperate ones, however, take the wrong path by giving into unethical and cruel marketing tricks. The attention-grabbing fact is that it is usually the women who become their target. This is true at least in America.

For a moment, just review the two marketing lines given below and see if you are familiar with them. They are made up, but have been polished to reflect the reality. Do read the explanation given for each. It will help you open your eyes.

  • “Your facial skin is so uneven. You need to get a facial.”
This line can be rewritten in several ways by replacing the problem statement and solution. But right now it is more linked to salons. In a specialty cream store, the ultimate solution shown is some kind of miracle facial spot fixing tonic. In other places, the problem will be weight and its solution will be protein bar or powder.

Of course, great creations exist and there is always a good way to present them to the customers. But many businesses believe that women are naturally sensitive to negative comments made about their appearances and will do anything to stop them from returning. That is how the lines get formed. This is wrong in the sense that it asks salespeople to embarrass their customers.
  • “You are gonna buy only one dress?”
It is almost a tradition in America to buy clothes in bulk. But sometimes we do break it. Why buy too many when we don’t really need them? That is our inner thought. We have the freedom to make our own decisions. So sharply, salespeople do not have any right to make comments about the number of items their customers are buying. But in many stores, this is overridden to create embarrassment in their customers. The obvious objective here is to influence them to buy more. The one who gets trapped in this marketing tactic often ends up thinking that she does not want to look poor to anyone.
Maybe there are many other unethical marketing tactics out there. If you happen to be their victim do let us know through the comment box. But what should we really do to fight against such things? There is nothing that works here better than growing thick skin and gaining courage to give a logical answer back.

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