What DKNY Energizing Perfume is All About

Energizing from DKNY was released in 2011. Demand for this specific perfume is quite high in US. In fact the one I have was the last piece in the store of Houston Airport. I used it, experienced it and now I believe I can give you a complete review of what this perfume is all about. We will start out by dissecting its components. Then we will learn about its quality in details. Even the negative points will be highlighted. But before everything else, here are two of its pictures.

Product Overview

Just like many other DKNY perfumes, Energizing comes in three different bottles and prices. The one I have currently is the 1.7 oz one (50ml) and its price is $50. This is not a fixed price. In many stores, this same bottle is available at $44.

Liquid color: Clear like water.
Liquid staying power: Vaporizes within 2 seconds of spraying.

They are more leaned towards feminine scent forming from different flowers and herbs. Right from the label:

  • Limonene: This is the scent from citrus.
  • Citral: This is connected to lemon family also.
  • Hexyl Cinnamol: This works as preservative as well as scent. It can be made artificially or extracted from chamomile. Recently, it has been linked to allergic reaction.
  • Citronellol: This is derived from roses and skorkbills. Once again, it is linked to allergic reactions.
  • Linalool: this is a fragrance filled alcohol found in mint, cinnamon and even citrus.
  • DKNY perfume: Now this is what the box says. What this perfume is all about is not revealed. Perhaps, it is done to protect the core formula. But yes, Vodka is said to be one of the components here.

Quality of the Perfume

From afar, it is lemony, but once closer it turns more floral. Good thing is that this perfume does not scream. But do you know why it has been called as energizing? It is because of its unusual healing power. To some extent, the scent reminds of stress relieving Qiora products. That said, a few of the ingredients of Energizing have been recognized as stress relievers. One good example is linalool.

Lasting power: 
This is strong. I noticed that even after taking shower, this perfume remains attached to the skin in a soft way.

Who will win from it:
Since the perfume is quiet, it is perfect for every day wear. But definitely, working and college women will find its strength most beneficial.

The scent is not unique, crispy and sophisticated. Only if you smell it you will know that you are very familiar with it. Those who are allergic to perfumes and have sensitive skin might need to skip this one. But of course, trial is not a bad thing.


I like the nice skinny bottle and staying power of Energizing. The scent to me is somewhat average. By keeping all these in mind, I give this perfume 3 out 5 stars. I am not buying another bottle of this ever again.

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