What to Use as Emergency Face Wash (My Research)

Imagine a night when you discover that your face wash has run out. Stores are closed or simply they are not near your house.  But you desperately want to wash your face either out of habit or it is just that you like to stay clean and fresh. What can you do in this situation? Obviously, you are thinking that the soap sitting in your bathroom is the solution to your problem. Your thought process is correct. However, to get the best result, you have to go for a specific kind of soap. I will reveal more about it through my experiment report given below.

I was always curious to know whether hand soap could replace face wash. Because of this, I experimented with the substance. The first one I picked had anti bacterial properties. It was called Soft Soap. 
Specifically, that night I had acne. I went ahead using the soap just like a face wash. In the morning, I noticed that the acne somehow shrunk. That was a positive result. I carried on with the experiment up to 4 more days. This time I did not see acne getting bigger or any smaller. The facial skin remained soft.  I told my friend to do this experiment on her face also. Fortunately, she did it and found similar result. But this was not enough for me.

 I then bought a very cheap hand soap containing no anti bacterial properties. It was one of those flowery ones (mine was Cherry Blossom).  I tried it on the face to see what happened. There was no effect of any kind except that it felt oily. In short, it did not wish to be washed off properly. 

Conclusion: When there is no face wash available, it is okay to use anti bacterial hand soap on the face. But do not think it can turn into a long term substitute.  Make an effort to get your face wash as soon as possible for such a thing is made specifically for facial skin. Additionally, i would recommend you to first try out the hand soap on a small area of your face. This will help you see whether your skin is compatible with it.

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