Body Parts You Fail to Clean Properly in the Shower

There are so many benefits associated with taking shower. It gives us a chance to maintain our personal hygiene. Additionally, it provides the effects of freshness and a sense of satisfaction. Shower ritual is basically consists of three parts: spraying water all over the body, applying soap and then washing it off with water again.

In the midst of all this, a few body parts are left to stay unclean. It is not that soap foam never passes up against them. The problem is in the fact that they need extra attention and cleaning.  Do not worry; you will not be kept in dark about the entire matter because tonight those body parts will be the topic of our discussion. So let’s begin.

Dirt underneath the facial area: We like to see face as the most important part of the human body. But think about what is underneath it. No, the answer is not breast or chest. It is the neck, an area that collects dirt pretty easily. You might be thinking now that the soap you are using is cleaning it all.  Sadly, this is not completely true. The dirt found in the neck is too stubborn.

Under extreme cases, it turns thick, making your neck look dirtier. And yes, it is going to remain visible to public because of its gray color. How should you get rid of this problem?  Factually, neck area’s dirt responds best to scrubbing done with finger. But care must be taken while performing this service. You do not want to chock yourself. So first spray water to the area and then wait for it to become sticky. After that, use slow finger movements to scrub the area. On doing this, you will find dead skin cells along with gray dirt coming off from it. But do make an effort to clean your neck again with soap and water. Should you do this every day? The answer is no. Three times a week is actually enough to keep neck free of dirt.

Dirt behind ears: Ears are usually the most forgotten body parts in the shower. It is not that you forget to make the water reach them. The main problem is that the spots behind them should receive priority, for they tend to be the haven of dirt coming from hair. Water and soap are just not enough to remove them. What should you do then? Use your two index fingers!  The spots behind both ears can be scrubbed at the same time with them.  But do note that they are best to clean while they are still wet. Again, scrubbing will loosen the dead skin cells and dirt. Do continue taking shower in your usual way to completely get rid of them.  Also it is important that you clean the ear areas daily. Just make it a habit.

Dirt all over the feet:  Feet are weaker to dirt. They just have an extremely deep love affair going with it. To create a rift in their relationship, your fingers have to step in almost routinely as villains. Feet are just in need of vigorous scrubbing from both up and down, and in  between the toes. But it can be done in the middle of the shower. The dirt found around them is not very stubborn, yet not so positive to soap and shower gel. That is why, the hands are to be used. 

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