Expression Number 9 Personality in Details

Definition: The one who fights for greater causes.
Astrological link:Virgo and Sagittarius
Tarot card link: Hermit who is there for all.

Expression number 9 is all about humanity. Those who have it through their names can be known as the promoters of free love. Do not take in sexual sense. 9's are so deeply concerned about the inequality that exists in the world that they may even turn asexual in personal relationships. Simply put, in their lives, worries about the world overrides the worries about everything private. The concern is never allowed to remain intangible. 9's actually step out to do something about the atrocity and for those who need help. The tactics they apply on the way have coats of uniqueness and coupled with the number's leadership feature, they truly bring in warm results.

They are generally allergic to violence, but know the mantra to dash it into pieces and that is also without using any physical force. Their best weapon is their wisdom and this is what works to bring down the violence.  In numerology, therefore, 9's are seen as the movers and shakers from the world of humanitarian causes.

Number Nine in Numerology
Diverger by nature, 9's consider every human to be a member of their family. As for the world, it is their home. That is why, they tend to be impersonal and social. There is a bit of hesitation to remain stuck within four walls. Dominant authority is also unattractive to them. As a result, they are always on the go. Because of their unique ideas about the world, they are capable of attracting many followers. Yet they decline the idea of taking up a leadership role in which they have to preach and order. In their view, it is all about action. Thus, even as a boss, they want to work as a team. They feel no one team member should take the entire burden. However, when it comes to difficult tasks, the selfless 9's may decide to take it all up on themselves.

Even when 9's do not have interest in humanitarian work, they are all about people. For instance, a female 9 may be too close to her friends, constantly making sure to attend parties or clubs. She may also enjoy catering or event planning. Similar attributes can be seen in expression number 9 male also. Eventually, it is all about being part of a community.

Secretly, the 9's enjoy popularity. Fortunately, it is not difficult for them to gain it from their friends. But in career too, they would love to have it. Some 9's are actually highly creative and thus, aim to use it to build a career in the entertainment industry. But it is never for the love of money. 9's are more about pleasuring their own minds. They will never look into going in a career where they cannot make it happen.

Despite being social and helpful, 9's fall under the shadow of criticisms coming straight from their family members and even certain partners. When we are too busy with external matters we pay very less attention to home and family. Multitasking here does not work. This is the exact problem the 9's have. They have a lot going in their mind for which they cannot pay full attention to everything being told to them by their family members. This has a tendency to gain them the tag of detached beings. They may also be seen as shallow in love by certain partners because they are not the most romantic souls. Also they hide very little about who they date. Consequently, they are better off with partners who have similar attributes.

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