Expression Number 7 Personality in Details

Definition: The one who thirsts for knowledge.
Astrological link: Libra.
Tarot card link: The chariot which breaks every barrier.

Expression number 7 bearers look puzzling to many. At face value, they are strict, formal, cantankerous and enticingly aberrant. But once made comfortable, they knuckle under to surrounding people's demand. They show their submission with smile and politeness, while keeping in mind the need to conceal themselves as much as possible. No one will be able to swim in the river of their full identity. According to 7's, giving away too much of themselves means being left in the lurch.

They would rather die with their veiled weaknesses than tormenting their hearts with fear of being back stabbed and robbed. In their eyes, trust is not an item to be cut into pieces to distribute among people they know. That said, 7's are not much visible in bustling social arena. It adds no value to their lives. In fact, constant rendezvousing tends to slow down their mental energy. Although they are naturally people of less words, they cannot talk and listen too long especially if the topic they are dealing with has no depth at all. To recharge their battery, therefore, they retire to their private bed of wonder!

Personality 7 of Numerology
They find home and entertainment in knowledge. Is it important to gain it from neighborly interactions? Certainly not. The 7's have plenty of questions in their heads about the mysteries of the world and they can immortalize their lonely evenings and afternoons by delving into each one of them. Because of this, 7's are considered the investigators and knowledge seekers of numerology.

Their biggest strength is determination. Once they make up their mind to go on a quest for answers, no one can stop them. Much of it, however, is always related to solving the mysteries. Fortunately, their minds harbor gigantic vessels of critical thinking power, helping them get to the revelation quicker than many others. That is why, they are best suited for scientific and research related jobs. Financial reward may not always be of their interest, but they perform scientific work so perfectly and passionately that they can secure promotions and several years of permanence at a workplace quite easily without even aiming for them. They are also interested in what the mainstream society considers pseudo. Do not be surprised to find them in esoteric schools. Like it or not, they have no problem in feeding their mind with magical realism.

The thirst for knowledge overshadows the need for an intimate partner in the lives of 7's. For them, the most compatible partners are those who can hold intellectual conversation with passion. Being romantic is not important. But to acquire attention from these 7's, the partners must bring to relationship spices of all kinds as much as possible.

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