Expression Number 6 Personality in Details

Definition: The one who feels for all in the world.
Astrological link: Gemini and Virgo.
Tarot card link: Lovers with mission to spread love.

Expression number 6 men are the knights in shining armor of numerology. As for the women, they are born nurses. It is in their nature to be helpful. They radiate rays of hopes, attracting especially those who are in need of help. Their mission in life is to rescue the men and women in distress. One of the best qualities of these people is that they take into consideration the lessons they learn from their mistakes and make an effort to impart them to others so that such mistakes do not spread in the society. 6's do not have many enemies because they win hearts by being pleasing and coating their words with sugar.

They tend to watch their words very cautiously, for they despise the idea of being wrapped in controversy. Also they fear bad reputation.Even at young age, they exercise certain amount of cautiousness to save themselves from embarrassing situations. Although they may never show stubbornness, criticisms coming towards them do break their hearts. Emotionally, they are highly fragile. In fact, if they don't get proper care at young age, they may end up suffering from anxiety in their adulthood.

Describing 6 in Numerology
6's have a strong sense of likes and dislikes and their values are fully based on those. They highly believe in the notion that life itself is a big school, preferring to take lessons not just from books, but also by observing others. Their philosophies gain them good amount of praises and yes, they are very much used to it. Yet they remain free of pride. This still does not bury an issue. 6's usually expect to be treated fairly and politely by all. There is nothing in being a dreamer wearing a pair of rose-colored glasses. Realistically, the world is not bed of roses. Unable to understand it, the 6's shrivel in hostile environments. Any discouragement they receive discourages them from giving their best. If the opposition becomes more powerful the carriers may even decide to withdraw from the spot. They can surely fight, but ferocious people tend to cower them. Contrary to this is the fact that 6's enjoy reading humans and are very critical of those who cannot show mercy. They are quite good at translating it all.

Driven by Venus, in a good way they are in love with love. They embody grace and joviality. Their mission in life is to weed out poverty. They have immense repugnance to clash of civilizations, believing and preaching about the equality of humans. That is why, they are titled as the humanitarians of numerology. They are great for social works. The ambitious ones may even choose to work in medical fields. 6's tend to be more sensitive about belief in God. For this reason, finding some of them in fields of religions is not uncommon.

More than anything else, the carriers of 6 have a need to be in a loving relationship. But the rose colored glasses do produce heartbreaks. Specifically, the young 6's are more vulnerable. Once adulthood is reached, they may turn slightly more realistic, making an effort to mate with mostly ambitious people. Perhaps, that is why, numerologists like to tag them as gold diggers. What they forget is that 6's can't live with someone who does not love them. In other words, their relationships must contain all the ingredients that make their lives and future worthwhile.

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