Expression Number 2 Personality in Details

Definition: The one who goes into partnership
Astrological link: Taurus
Tarot Card link: High Priestess who thinks before speaking

Ever heard the term 2 in 1? This perfectly describes expression number 2. They despise the idea of being alone. Partnership is what they strive for and yes,they are social butterflies. Finding them in parties and picnics, therefore, should not be a surprise. But they are neither too shy nor overly flashy. They win hearts by being accommodating and giving. Their down to earth nature is also a plus point. No one can stay upset with them very long. Expression number 2 knows how to kill an argument without letting the opponent feel whether they are losing or winning. It is all in the number's ability to avoid fair and square opinions and look as daft as a brush for gaining approval and white flag. In some cases, however, they may work harder to avoid a confrontation and this means not coming face to face with the opponent. Does this mean the carriers are truly shallow and timid? Not really. They just like the idea of focusing on things that bring halcyon days. Negative people ruin that. In a way, expression number 2 despises atrocity with passion. If ever requested, the carriers can even write a full book on it.

They see no harm in dropping ferocious people from their friend list. Interestingly, no true long conversation is necessary for number 2 to figure out a personality. The carriers are great energy detectors and they make it work with great enthusiasm. To put it another way, they observe their surrounding people quite diligently. The ones who have potential to be helpful in the future and traditionally illuminate positive energy go in their list of comrades. Nothing is needed to explain about the aggressive people. We already know where they end up. This way the number 2 people make sure that they can progress smoothly in their careers.

Expression 2 personality

Yet it would be silly to think that they always depend on others for achievements. Number 2 actually makes its carriers highly disciplined and very serious about prosperity. Consequently, they do not mind working hard to achieve their targeted goals. They have full respect for schedules and sane authority figures.

When it comes to real world applications, these number 2 people prefer going by the formula. When they are able to blend this with their ability to study humans, they become wiser and that gives them the power to provide others valuable suggestions about life. That is why, it is much easier for them to work in fields of psychology and social science. They have potential to be activists. But what hinders them from choosing this is their emotional nature. As mentioned before, they don't like to pick fight. It must also be added that they are attracted to beauty and creativity. The women can use to their advantage by choosing careers related dress designing and modeling.

Peaceful people can never live without love. Same is true for those who have expression number 2. They crave for love and romance. As a matter of fact, romantic relationship inspires them to give best in their careers. However, security and peace must also be included in it. Unstable relationships can heavily impact the mental state of number 2 people and that may mean them going haywire with their lives as well as careers.

Negatively, some people may feel very irritated by number 2 because of their lack of interest in taking risk and providing opinions to avoid controversy. Because of this, the carriers may end up with the title of faker and cold-fish.

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