Expression Number 4 Personality in Details

Definition: The one who believes in reliability.
Astrological link: Cancer.
Tarot card link: The Emperor who wants total order.

This is the number of order combined with full force. Its carriers are mentally strong, religiously adhering to the motto that we are what we eat. This is a good news for their parents. No extra time on disciplining the young 4's is essential. They just need to be taught the theory of survival of the fittest and left to manage their own lives. Nothing then will matter to them more than the wish to excel. In fact, even as kids, they would elude the glow of temptation to stay cleaner for the distant future. The mentality of expression number 4 is deeply connected to logic, enabling the carriers to dismiss matters of the heart as trivial. They prefer to go by what the mind says. In spite of this, they are not completely unemotional. They greatly value the idea of fulfilling promises and because of this, they stick to their friends through thick and thin. In friend circle, they may even get the title of the reliable ones.

4's have an intense love affair with stability, genuinely resenting its opponent called inconsistency. As a result, staying in unpredictable situation is suffocating to them. Blended with realism, this same reason compels them to focus mainly on attainable goals. That said, their urge for stability is not dotted with gold and silver. 4's tend to be satisfied with normal wealth pertaining to simple home and family built with love and devotion. They may still receive more than what they hope for if they are given encouragement by their friends and family.

Expression number 4
4's are generally good with numbers and have an ability to add innovation to what already exists. This makes them perfect for jobs related to finance and office management. We may assume that their skill with numbers can make them great players at stock market and general business world, but just don't let the hope go high up there. Expression number 4 feels uncomfortable with risks and shortcuts, choosing instead the slow baby steps. This way they make sure to preserve what they own. However, a secure opportunity can still change their mind.

We know by now that 4's love stability. This is rooted in their nature also. To preserve it, they make a point to practice honesty in their efforts. This allows them to stick to one organization for a long time and enjoy the reward of trust called promotion from their employers.

But what type of people do they dislike? The answer can be found in their antipathy towards inconsistency. Simply put, they dislike unstable people and this includes mainly those who do not fulfill their promises and have a habit of disrespecting deadlines. Additionally, the 4's are least likely to accept those who are highly unconventional and experimental. In order to maintain proper etiquette, they may not say it in the person's face. But if their values are challenged watch out!

For relationships, they prefer those who are traditional and conservative. Of course, faithfulness is another thing they look for in a potential partner. 4's are generally very loyal in love and no way they like it to be manipulated. That is why, one should not be surprised to find them turning their back on fickle admirers.

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