Expression Number 11 Personality in Details

Definition: The one who begins what is impossible for many.
Astrological link: Aquarius and Sagittarius.
Tarot link: Justice, the only element that can be used for equality.

11 is taken as one of the most spiritual numbers. It radiates great energy, leaving a lasting positive impact on the mankind. Those who have it in their personality are blessed with this element. In other words, expression number 11 people are like dawn. They bring in new changes almost in anything they undertake. Much of it, however, is associated with their goals. When they say "I want this", they chase it with all their hearts, allowing their dreams to change into reality. It is not difficult for them to gain wealth. Despite being winners, they carry in their hearts no arrogance, baffling many. This is the same reason why, they are highly approachable to even the poorest, for they treat everyone equally. People cannot resist the idea of seeing hope in them. But nothing happens without some fateful events.The childhood of the 11's is not colorful. Their parents usually go through some kind of toxic problems. In some cases, the 11's lose on of the family members to death or taste some kind of other separation. Financial trouble also persists. This allows the 11's to understand the meaning of struggle and mature up quicker than their peers.

11 in Numerology
Once they make up their mind that they have nothing more to lose and that no pain can be as great as what they experience earlier in their lives, they get daring and passionate enough to embark on achieving the most precious of all accolades. The newest failures leave no melancholy in their hearts. Each time, they rise like the phoenix.

11's are prone to attracting two groups of people. While the first one consists of friends and die hard admirers, the other one always contains deadly foes. It is all because of success. Those who work with 11's have less trouble finding the treasure box. And once found, can it be intentionally left? No! The enthusiasm of 11's, on the other hand, forms great inspiration for the mankind. Admirers often feel an urge to hold them in high regards. That is a matter of envy for the rivals of the 11's and thus, they are always plotting to bring these carriers down.

In communication, 11's are magicians. When they talk they use a proper balance of wit, coherency and charm. They never repeat the same ideas, yet always succeed at being highly convincing. They have very sharp memory and are great at management. But because of their endless energy and zeal, most often they acquire multiple talents and are found working within multiple professions. They have a tendency to taste success in all of them. Their personality is quite balanced. Simply put, they are extroverted as well as introverted. Patience is their another greatest strength. Hence, it is easier for them to turn the most impossible and difficult ideas into reality. Interestingly, even when they retire they make people miss their magnetic charm. In a way, they set an example that can never be replaced and no transition is powerful enough to erase their grandeur.

In personal relationships and love, some struggles are lifelong. It is not that 11's are turned down by most people. The problem is in how they pick partners. It is all based on exterior qualities. The men are attracted to appearance overriding the need to see inner compatibility and character. They have no problem settling down with less ambitious partners. But for women, both appearance and position are important. Not going by the compatibility is what makes things eerie for them in love. It is very much likely for them to end up with the unfaithful, arrogant and less interested partners. 11's still try their best to save the relationships, for they are highly dutiful. They have deep repugnance for breakup and divorce. But it is not easy to be with less caring partners. Under such circumstances, it is likely for 11's to cheat to often. By the way, these people are highly sexual and have interest in kink.

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