Expression Number 1 Personality in Details

Definition: The one who begins and leads
Astrological sign link: Aries
Tarot Card link: The Magician for whom nothing is impossible.

What is the first thing that comes to mind when we look at number 1? Yes, it is the number of the winner. It is associated with what is on the top. We all dream to be number 1, for great rewards are bestowed upon those who achieve it. In numerology, the description of expression number 1 is no different. Just think about those who have it in their personality. Simply put, they are born winners. They excel at what they do. Ruled by the sun, number 1 people get lucky with most of their endeavors and are great at becoming the center of attraction. Strong effort is not even necessary. Success is traditionally a natural reaction to their focus and undertaken steps derived from a mighty elixir of intuition and proper judgement. This is the reason why, they travel miles without the need to be under the shadow of godparents.

Career is where they have the greatest time of their lives. They gain trust quite easily, for in public, they appear soft speaking, reasonable, responsible and brave. This helps them slip into the leadership position with much ease.

1 in Numerology
They are good at understanding abstract topics and problem solving. Mixed with unwavering willpower, these qualities help them bring new things to the world and experiment with what is unconventional. Consequently, they perform best in fields of research, inventions and management.Verbally, they do not shy away from mentioning what they believe in. They also criticize with an open heart. No word is allowed to hit the sack and when they talk people listen. With confidence blazing like the sun, they have all the power to influence an entire group, generating a massive revolution. They do not have tolerance for what they think is purely wrong. Thus, instead of sitting and waiting for someone to do anything about it, they go at supersonic speed to bring about its demise. After all, being number 1 means being fearless and taking the first step.

With so many awards and achievements in their kitty, number 1 people do have a tendency to turn excessively conceited, narrow minded and as hard as nails. They are neither compromising nor very forgiving. Here and there, they may surrender to delusion that they can never go wrong. Anyone who points it out will find his name in their list of sworn enemies.

The biggest weakness of these number 1 people, however, is ambiguity with a strong touch of mammoth expectation. The dust of ambiguity leaves people surrounding them in confusion which at one point forces them to make mistakes. Number 1 people wrongly interpret this as shallowness and incapability. They are willing to help, but before this, punishment is introduced. Because of this and what is mentioned above, they always don't have the best experience in places where team effort is highly utilized. Make no blunder into thinking that this brings end to their careers. These people are independent initiators. So if they find out that they can't work in teams, they may start a business of their own.

In love, things are almost the same. Their hot temper and unyielding domineering nature will often bring into their lives sour relationships. That said, number 1 people do love quite strongly, but not many will be able to meet their expectations. They actually have better luck with disciplined, but loyal, diplomatic and less aggressive partners.

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