Expression Number 3 Personality in Details

Definition: The independent creative worker.
Astrological link: Gemini
Tarot card link: Empress, the bearer of creativity and beauty.

Nothing in school courses stands out as bright as number 3. Think about the food pyramid, triad of health and many other diagrams. They are all about three angles.Things taught through them are usually very easy to recall even after years of graduation. Expression number 3 from numerology works in that same way, however, with an interesting twist. We can read thousands of books or stay million hours with its carriers, yet we may never fully know them. Why?

Because they are multifaceted and multi-talented. They study a lot more than all others, but looks at life from a very detached perspective. That allows them to be more able than others in classifying logical explanation behind many of the world's mysteries. Yet make no blunder into thinking that it makes them just like expression number 1. There is a huge difference between the two. While expression number 1 is good at analyzing quantitative abstract problems, expression number 3 is good at analyzing problems that are more qualitative in nature. In short, the carriers have answers to questions we raise about social issues.

As for talents, expression number 3 people are not naturally born with them. They just pick each by interest, but yes, the reason is tied to the fact that they are enthralled by all that is artistic. With communication and skill of converting artistic dreams into reality being the main strength, these people are more inclined to settling down with a talent in writing, singing or arts and crafts. However, working under an authority is something they find highly disturbing. This is because their ideas flow better when they are not compelled to go by the rules and time constraint. They need to feel free and they prefer correcting their mistakes on their own. In general, the opposite situation tends to inhibit their ability to let their talents bloom fully. That is the reason why, they are better off being a novel writer than journalist.

3 from Numerology

Mentally, these people are very normal. In other words, when bullied they answer it by bullying and when warmly treated they answer it by being warm. They certainly are not emotional, but their positive outlook on life gains them fair amount of popularity among their friends. In point of fact, their optimism is highly contagious. As stated earlier, they are good at communicating and analyzing social issues. When they put them all into action with their confident nature, they become capable of showing their friends the truth that after every night comes a day and that a watched pot never boils.

It is highly possible for these people to gain both fame and wealth through their careers. But for this to happen, they must concentrate fully on specific talents. Sadly, this has tendency to get teased by their scattered feelings and urges followed by their abhorrence to respecting time. When comfort is more than enough in their environment, they may gradually start to move from what they are working on. This is boosted all the more with their inability to multitask.

In love, freedom is the top element for expression number 3 people. It is not that they look for open relationships or have a need to jump from one partner to another. They only pray that no matter who they are with they get enough space for their individuality and talents. Anyone too domineering and narrow minded is their eyesore and hence, they may always turn their back on them. This is the case because the number 3 carriers are very liberal and have no time for those who hold onto to what they deem as negative, illogical and old fashioned. They gel best with those who are open minded and have interest in their talents or show appreciation for their work.

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