Expression Number 22 Personality in Details

Definition: The free adviser
Astrological link: Virgo, Libra and Capricorn
Tarot link: The World which has passion for freedom.

Expression number 22 is rooted in coming full circle. When 2 is added twice we get 4. Hence, the expression number is usually written as 22/4. It is recommended that the bearers look into expression number 4 for better clarification. Personality wise, these people are highly realistic. They believe in what can be seen and touched. What they work with must have a form. Because of this same reason, they are more comfortable with facts than theories. Otherwise, they get confused and tend to struggle.

Adherence to practicality benefits them both physically and mentally. 22's have eidetic memory. When someone else makes mistake, 22's keep it in their head to make sure that they can avoid it all throughout their lives.

The recorded information also helps them predict the future outcome of a given situation correctly and build a detailed realistic goal to follow. They can almost feel and touch their imagination without expecting it to see it in reality. Hence, law of attraction is friendlier to them. 22's are highly skilled at giving sound advises. It is unlikely for them to fail. That is the reason why they prove to be lucky for businesses and romantic partners.

That said, life for these people are not the easiest. They hate to be enslaved, but another part of them wishes to stay tied down. This tends to complicate their lifestyles. They are not much into adventure, but quality alone time is very much important to them. They dislike overly critical people and that forms a big problem in their professional lives especially when they go to work under an authority.

They have better chance in blooming as bosses of their own businesses. Their employees, however, have to work harder to please them. As said earlier, 22's can see the outcome of a given situation without any hassle. That means they do not say yes to an idea easily. Also they demand discipline and honesty. They are not soft on excuses.

However, the urge to be something bigger is possible for 22's only if they learn to kill their fear. They hate the idea of losing and sometimes the outcomes they see before they take place leave them somewhat pessimistic, anxious and discouraged. They are not always accepting of what the life throws at them. Failure is their biggest nightmare.

They truly need unconditional love in life. This is what makes them powerful. This is what allows them to be optimistic and dutiful. They sure make lifelong friends. For emotional beings, however, they are not ideal, for they stick to truth no matter how bitter it is. They do not take help from soft words to explain it.

In love, 22's do not wish to make mistakes either. They are great body and in between line language readers. Admirers will find them highly picky and hard-shelled, but never arrogant. Since 22's are comfortable mainly with familiarity, partners must try to not force them to try anything outside their norm. As a matter of fact, 22's should never be pushed or controlled. As stated earlier, they love their freedom which in simple language can be called as their personal space.

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