Curse of LibreOffice on Documents

Libreoffice is the rival of Microsoft office. What makes it attractive is that it is free. Some businesses use them. I heard a lot of good things about it. So instead of paying for office 365, I decided to get it for my second laptop. There was no problem in installing it. It was quite compatible with Windows 8.1, the king of inconvenience. The interface of Libreoffice resembles the oldest version of Microsoft office. This probably can disappoint many. Since the program is free, it is best to not expect too much.

But yes, being cautious is necessary. The apps are good for basic projects. Nobody told me that and thus, I made the  big mistake of doing some of my projects using its PowerPoint app. The end results were so bad that I just had to send their screenshots to my boyfriend. I am posting all of them below. Perhaps, Libreoffice is quite psychic and can read minds accurately. Just yesterday,all its apps disappeared mysteriously from the laptop. But anyways, take a look at them.

This is the syllabus I downloaded from our blackboard. Libreoffice added additional numbers to it. Probably it is because the file is in docx format which the app cannot hold properly. By the way, I tried opening this same file using the latest June version of the app. The result remained the same. Do note that the picture quality is slightly bad here because the screenshot is compressed.

This is the most unusual thing I have seen so far. When doing the project no tantrum was seen in the app. The slides were saved in normal ppt format and closed. The next day, when I opened the file my hair got electric shock. The sentences lost their original places. There was no way I could it edit them back. In the end, I had to restart my work.
Too bad that I still trusted Libreoffice. The second trial proved to be fruitless as well. I was copying and pasting things sent to me by my group members. They were to be edited later. Saving the file brought back the same issue. This time the lines were trying to say farewell to the blank slide.

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