Funniest Things You'll Ever Find on eBay

When eBay started to become part of the pop culture, we were always told that almost everything could be sold through it. There was once a news that someone sold Britney Spears' chewed gum on the site. The price paid for this bizarre product was 14,000. No matter how much we say eww to it, for a fan, perhaps, it has a great value. Back in the days, eBay was quite an addiction for many.

But gradually, the site began to lose luster. People were no more showing interest in bidding. Recession can be blamed for it. But this did not stop some sellers from getting creative with what they were listing. They spent a few cents to list funniest items to make visitors laugh. Here are some of the screenshots.

I was going to send them to my boyfriend just for some informal fun. That is why, I did not save the names of the sellers. The descriptions they provided were hilarious for which I copied and pasted them to the screenshots.

This one had just one description which is "Its an orange"

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