Reason to Not Wear Lip Gloss Underneath Eye Makeup

Eyes speak a thousand words with expressions. Just watch any music video of a female artist and you will notice the amount of time spent on mostly eye makeup.

It is probably in our nature. During a makeup session, we can't help giving most of our focus on eyes. No woman can deny that embellishing them is challenging, yet fun. So far we have come across a variety of tips on how to make them stand out.

But sometimes, the eye shadow ends up making things complicated. Because of its poor quality, it does not want to stick to the eyelids properly. To get rid of this annoyance, some makeup experts enthusiastically recommend dabbing of a small amount of lip gloss over the lids before the application of the eye shadow. This does work, but at the same time, it leaves the eyes at the short end of the stick.

Anyone who wears lip gloss knows that its mostly oil. Exactly this thing in small amount compels the eye shadow to stick to the lids. But the skin around the eyes is very thin and sensitive. When oil is applied to it, it falls prey to tan especially under the sun.

What not to be forgotten is that most eye-shadows already contain mineral oil. By going for lip gloss, we merely speed up the tanning process. Unfortunately, this tan behaves permanent, making the eyes appear punched.

If the process of wearing the lip gloss is continued, the eyelids end up with tiny black or reddish bumps. They look like dots. Medical science sees it as one of the symptoms of sun poisoning. Don't mistake it for some kind of real poison. In reality, it is the sunburn and main culprit is ultraviolet radiation. This is what causes these bumps.

When an eye shadow does not stick to the lids properly, it is best to return it to the store. Sure at times, we fall in love with the color. But taking the temporary route of lip gloss is costlier. So look for alternatives of that same color. The healthier choice is those of mineral.

These days, however, some girls are experiencing allergy from it. The ingredient that causes it is bismuth oxychloride. Majority of the popular brands use it in their cosmetics. It has been going on for years and now it makes its way into the mineral eye shadows. If you wish to learn which eyeshadows do not contain bismuth oxychloride check back because we will soon have a list of brands that do not use it.

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