Expression Number 8 Personality in Details

Definition: The one who attracts great luck.
Astrological link:Leo and Scorpio
Tarot card link: Strength of 100 men.

What do you get when you add 4 and 4? It is 8. That is why, the expression number 8 is the forceful form of expression number 4 and that is also with zero percent compromise. Its carriers are the powerhouse of mental and physical strength. Many misconceptions surround them. Numerologists like to believe that they are bullheaded and greedy for wealth. Frankly speaking, they are hard workers and that is not because they want wealth, but because they are slave to habits and discipline. These individuals are the only ones who would not take a day off from school and work. Secretly, they fear criticism. They do not like to be its sitting ducks. As a result, they go above and beyond to maintain their good reputation. Do you now see how their intention is free of dent? Those are not the only reasons that compel them to work their way up.

They are allergic to dreams, preferring to give more importance to realism. On the top of that, they think long term. They weigh pros and cons quite keenly and that allows them to pick what looks more promising quite accurately.  But this does not fully override the magic of number 8. In numerology, it is the number of good fortune and that means, its carriers somehow will always have the opportunity to be blessed with financial safety net. Certainly, some may born into underprivileged families, but this does not mean they will stay poor forever.

8 in Numerology
Despite all the rewards that 8 gives them, these individuals remain free of pride. They are big believers of karma for which they feel that if they get too conceited about their achievements they may end up attracting bad luck. They are not being superstitious, but pragmatic here. More than anyone else, they are prone to coming across hurdles in their work. This is tied to the datum that 8 is ruled by planet Saturn which in astrology is known as the teacher. It tends to scatter many thorny tests on the paths. Hence, the 8's are very much aware of the unpleasant sensation they receive from them. This is the same reason why they are scared of committing crimes and taking shortcuts.

8's are never free of worries. The hurdles tend to make them pessimistic and nervous. Strangely, the outsiders may never get glimpse of any of it, for the hurdles at one point force the 8's to accept that life is tough and thus, they learn to remain fully composed in public.

Being more introverted by nature, 8's may not always make many friends and even remain away from social arena. When they speak they make a point to note realism which unfortunately leaves the extroverted adventurous people slightly disappointed. At workplace however, it is often taken as a plus point. It is also important to mention that their boss does notice their great organizing skills and hard work. Thus, they are better able than many others in making long term professional connections.

Deep within, 8's are romantically shy,  passionate and loyal. But these gifts are not reserved for just any random partner. Since the individuals are highly realistic they hate games in love. For them, it should be either yes or no. Anything in between makes them angry. They do go in casual relationships, but the tantrum of the partner will always keep them away from being more open about their love. In fact, they may not fall in love. Casual relationship partner to them is highly unattractive. They do not like bearing unnecessary baggage. Thus, in a casual relationship, they remain emotionally detached. Blessed is the one who gives them a permanent yes.

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