Romeo and Juliet According to Youtube Subtitles

Technology is now progressing at a higher speed. But here and there, there are some bumps. Not every technological aspect is as perfect and convenient as we want it to be.

Take Youtube for instance, it has given us freedom to share heavy video files with the entire world for free. Its screens can be shrunk or made larger. But even after all this, the site does show some weaknesses. No, its not the ads, but subtitle feature. It was introduced  to help those who have hearing disability and those who do not understand a language very well. Few days ago, I was playing around with this subtitle feature. To my surprise, it was tremendously imperfect. No way it is helping those who need it the most. Instead, it’s just adding some entertainment because majority its interpretations are intensely funny. Limit is crossed with the movies adapted from Shakespeare’s plays. If you don’t believe it, then have a look at what we have below. The movie is Romeo and Juliet. 

1. In this scene, the prince is warning the Capulets and Montagues. According to the subtitles, he seems quite poetic. Don't even ask about grammatical mistakes. They exist in all the subtitles. 

2. Here is Juliet's father talking about "communism" at a time when the term did not even exist.

4. Friar Laurence and Romeo talk about baseball and website

5. This one is more shocking! Romeo is not his father's son.

6. This is by far one of funniest scenes. Friar Laurence here gives Romeo lecture on business and as you can see, American styled past election. Then he reveals that the school he went to is called Internet.

How about the love song "A time for us"/"what is an youth"? For refresher, here it is:
This beautiful ballad taken from Shakespeare's other plays also dies a horrible death in the hands of Youtube. We have it below. Some punctuation have been inserted to make the lyrics readable.
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Loves him we me.
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My name is the very best and read.
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