Most Beautiful Celebrity Perfume Bottles (Part 1)

There is something very unique about celebrity perfumes. They sure smell great. But apparently, now much importance is given to how they look. That is why, they are eye candy. Do you find this hard to believe?

If yes check out the bottles we have here. They have been designed by keeping many creative elements in check. One does not need to feel the liquid to appreciate their beauty.

But before that, note that we will not be making them compete against one another. In brief, this is not going to be a countdown post, but a tribute to their attractiveness.

Velvet Hour for Women by Kate Moss

Sure it is a tiny bottle, but do take a moment to mediate on its look. Doesn’t it evoke an air mystery and silence? The blue color of the Velvet Hour seems to signal a romantic evening by the deep blue ocean. Sure we would love a date in such a location. Velvet Hour has been voted by people as the best celebrity perfume at

Butterflies by Coleen Rooney

The bottle above looks ordinary. Yet it illuminates serenity. Why that is so? It is all because of the embrace of the butterflies. Without a doubt, they are powerful enough to enhance the glory of any perfume collection. Perhaps, that is why, the above perfume is named as Butterflies.

Kim Kardashian Gold

The golden section of this perfume is not ordinary. It actually shows reflection like a mirror. Not at all girlie, the overall design is unusually sophisticated and almost has a royal touch. We can just safely conclude that it has a potential to attract even older ladies.

My Secret by Kathy Hilton

Many people rejected My Secret bottle by calling it tacky. Others just did not want Kathy Hilton’s name to be attached to it.  “Who is Kathy Hilton?” you ask. She used to be a television actress. Now she is “known” as the mother of Paris Hilton. Coming back main topic, the look of My Secret does deserve praises.  In the market, we have several heart shaped perfume bottles, but none of is actually free of the long neck like this one. But this is not its only highlight. Do notice the overall design of the bottle. It looks like a light pink heart shaped diamond.

Live by Jennifer Lopez

I sold multiple Jennifer Lopez perfumes to people at Mervyn’s during my freshman college year. They always seem to garner much attention. Back then, her perfume bottles looked ordinary. But now things have changed. Take a look at her perfume, Live. Waving with stainless glass style, it talks of the Arabian deserts as well as the lost magical potion from the fairytale world.

Take a breathing break and then go to part 2 to see the remaining beautiful perfumes bottles. They will not fail to dazzle your eyes.

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