How to Stop Nail Biting in Adults

Nail biting is an everyday occurrence in this world. Many reasons can be held responsible for it. The most common one is nervousness. Another emphasized one is failure to find clippers. Such situations, however, are trivial. The worst of all is the habit that gets into the system at young age. The pleasure of nail biting leads to that.

I myself was under its influence for 14 years. From a medical doctor’s point of view, this is unhealthy for the body. I did not see it occur in my case though. But yes, biting does make nails look hideous and people never hesitate to give nasty feedback on that. For this reason, it is important to kill the habit. I basically got rid of mine with the help plain nail polish. Sadly, for some, this tactic might never work. But thanks to common sense, there are many other effective methods that can be used. Here are seven of them:

1. Gloves: Winter is the ultimate high time for taking steps to murder the nail biting habit. After all, this is when gloves are in fashion. Get yourself a pair and wear it all the time. Obviously, this is going to beat the cold, but with that the nail biting habit will also say goodbye. The gloves will keep your nails covered and thus your mind will stay free from the temptation of biting them.

2. Clear tapes: Put clear tapes on your nails.  This will also keep them covered and hinder your mouth from reaching them. This should work all year around. By the way, use of clear tape has been described by many as the most effective method.

3. Sugar free candies or chewing gum: It is comprehensible that you cannot go out in public with tapes on your nails. Do not worry; just keep a sugar free candy or chewing gum in your mouth. The big advantage of doing this is that it will keep your mouth sticky and busy. Thus, you will not think of putting your nails inside it thinking it will get them dirty.

4. Garlic: Garlic has bad odor. That is why, rubbing it on your nails will abstain you from bringing them close to your nose. This will save them from your mouth instantly.

5. Wear wet or creamy lipstick: This also will work wonderfully in public. Wet or creamy lipstick does not dry out on the lips. So it is more prone to getting smeared by fingers. In other words, wearing it will make you aware that you do not want to ruin your look by bringing your hand close to your lips. This is how your nails will remain safe from getting munched. Carry around the lipstick for a quick touch up after drinking and eating.

6. Nail polish of nail biter: Try out a nail polish made chiefly to kill the nail biting habit. Several brands make it. The best is said to be Sinful Colors Anti-bite and Nail Growth. You can also check out Barielle No Bite Pro Growth and Orly No Bite Deterrent.
7. Nail makeover: Get your nails done by the professional. Normal manicure sure works. But the best is to get acrylic nails. They will keep your original ones away from your eyes.

Note that none of them will ever work if you do not honestly make yourself aware that you do wish to get rid of the habit. Determination and discipline are your real keys here. Do not suddenly drop them. Otherwise, after trying out the methods for couple of days you will go back to square one. One way to stop it from happening is to start loving long nails. Assure yourself that they can add profound beauty to your hands. This is how you will turn indifferent to your habit all the more and embark on growing your nails. 

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