Most Beautiful Celebrity Perfume Bottles (Part 2)

In part one post, we saw some beautiful perfume bottles with celebrity names attached to them. They were from Kate Moss, Kim Kardashian, Coleen Rooney, Kathy Hilton and Jennifer Lopez.

In this post again, we will see some more of the celebrity perfume bottles and yes, they too have the eye catching effects. Once again, keep in mind that our topic is free of countdown or more precisely competition.

Reveal By Halle Berry

The cap of Reveal looks like a golden crystal stone. But the bottle itself has a touch of dusky kiss of the sunset. Perhaps, it impressed the makers and Halley Berry also. Otherwise, they would not have used its design for  her next, Reveal the Passion.

I Fancy You by Jessica Simpson

You might have seen many perfume bottles similar to it. But what still sets it apart from them is its intricate neck design followed by tiny little butterflies and hearts. The color itself is relaxing for the eyes. Because of all this, we have it in our list.

Radiance by Britney Spears

Britney Spears’ perfume bottles can just complete against one another. Their beauty is almost like a therapy. They have a calming effect. But Radiance seems to have something more than that. Its bottle engraved with jewel like designs can be described as the show stopper. Perhaps, Britney Spears knows about it and thus, she decided to use it in her Hold it against me music video.

Women’s Luscious Pink by Mariah Carey

Mariah Carey’s fragrances definitely have the best looking bottles. Here you can see her Women’s Luscious.  Its tagline is “Embrace the Ethereal”. Sure this is more closely linked to the scent itself, but no one can deny that it suits even the bottle. Those who are not up to date on her perfumes must know that this bottle is not an original work of art. It is rather a result of inspiration taken from her earlier perfume called M.

Beyonce Pulse

The title has already hinted to you which big celebrity is behind this perfume. Yes, it is none other than Beyonce. Now take a look at the perfume bottle. Doesn't it look innovative? Anyone who missed the Pulse commercial might think that the tower-like silver portion of the perfume is a stand. Sure it is not a wrong guess, but what they might skip is the fact that it is also the cap. The perfume sits inside upside down.

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