10 Most Beautiful Rare Songs by Female Artists

In music, women are nightingales. They have some kind of unusual power to make any song outstanding. But not all of them come on radio, at least in United States. We have several restrictions about foreign musicians. That is why, an album from them may cost higher.

Also we have female singers who steal more lime light for which the radio has a need to play their songs more often. But the truth is that the ladies who don't get similar attention are simply rare pearls. They must be heard. We take a look at some of them here today.

1. Subluner (Sweet Angel) by Sleepthief featuring Kristy Hawkshaw
Although the composer of this song is a man singer Kristy Hawkshaw gives it the ultimate beauty with her soft crooning. No one has courage to dislike Subluner. It is so sweet that even men cannot resist it.

2Lagoon by Nightwish
Yes, nightwish’s founder is a man, but its fate always relied on female artists like Tarja. Although she is no more in the band all the songs she sang for it will stay as beautiful memories for fans. Listen to her Lagoon. The message in this song is quite unique. Basically it implies that sometimes people do not need friends to survive.
3. Lost Inside by Nemesea
If you like a mixture of rock and pop this is your song.  Its singer Manda Ophuis is a sweet melody queen. She will definitely not disappoint you.

4. Sisters of the Light by Xandria
Lisa Middelhauve is an artist with cleanest vocal quality. It is most visible in her Sisters of the Light. The lyrics of this song are very unique. They have nothing to do with love, heartache and breakup. Thus, it is for all those who are looking for something fun and Gothic, but non-romantic.Apparently, it has a wonderful Arabian air.

5. This Lonely Lake by Sirenia
Sirenia has got a new female artist whose name is Aylin. Her Lonely Lake is definitely a piece that needs to be treasured by music fans. Yes, the title does say it is a sad song, but the implantation of metal makes it pleasurable for the ears.
6. Dark Lantern by Mandragora Scream
As the title suggests, it is a dark song. Its singer Morgan Lacroix, however, will make sure that you get addicted to it. Yes, it is that great! Morgan actually deserves much praise. She just proves with her songs that one does not need to have American accent to sing in English.

7. Quietus by Epica
No female artist list is complete without the name of Simone Simons. She is extremely talented. Listen to her Quietus. It is a mixture of Renaissance and metal music.

8. 25 Years by Blackmore’s Night
This for all those who prefer listening to something simple, but cute. It is by Candice Night, the wife of the Deep Purple band member, Ritchie Blackmore.  Majority of the Blackmore’s Night songs are too beautiful. So although just one title is mentioned here it is recommended that you listen to all of them.

9. Never Enough by Roisin Murphy
Do you like the 70’s pop songs? If your answer is yes you are going to love never enough by Roisin Murphy. It is impossible to deny that her Never Enough has the best rhythm among all the ones mentioned here. But do not think that it is made in the 70s. It is actually from early 2000.

10. My Destiny by Leave’s Eyes
This is fairly a new song. Yes, the band is full of men, but its lead singer is female and her name is Liv Kristine. She simply pours honey every time she sings.

There are many other great female singers out there who despite being highly talented do not get enough exposure. Always make a point to give them a chance. Their songs are always easily found on Youtube.

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