Why Men Do Not Break Up With Psycho Women

One of my friends who used to consider himself a hunk continuously fell for psycho unstable women. The pain he went through because of this never helped him open his eyes. Few months ago, he married a woman with whom he had on and off relationship. I feel relieved that he has settled down. But at the same time I fear that sooner or later he will start calling me again to tell me what a prince in distress he is!

Probably, within couple of months or years, he will start knocking the door of the court for divorce. At this point, I see his marriage like a time bomb. I have been working as a negotiator between romantic parties for a long time and every time a man comes to me with his complaint I hear “She’s such a drama queen”. Yet he continues to be with her. My boyfriend had similar stories to tell me about his friends. We both agreed that complaints we heard were completely same despite the fact that these men came from different ethnic backgrounds. This shouldn’t come as a surprise. Regardless of where we all have come from, our feelings related to love and hate work in the same way because first we are a human race. Personalities and viewpoints differ though. They form from our environments. They can compel some men to continue being with psycho women. My boyfriend and I discuss it lot. This has allowed us to draw some conclusions on the mentality of such men. Have a look at them below:

1. “I must obey my society at any cost”

Some men don’t love or stay in a relationship because they truly want it. Their main intention is to please their society. Statistics show that men still equal marriage with high status. Meanwhile, cultural anthropology books state that in American society, a relationship elevates a young person’s social status. This is most prevalent in high schools. Teens are expected to start a relationship as soon as they hit the age of 14. Under such circumstances, the men are relieved to have just any woman by their side. Personality can go to hell! Note that same is true for young girls. You will find parents forcing their teen daughter to find a boyfriend. Apparently, arranged marriage is no different. In South Asia, divorce is still a sign of stigma. Sure the men have power, but they still have the fear of the society which may deem them the main villains who wreaked the marriage.

2. “I am not confident that I will find someone new”

I have met several people who fear of being alone. Some of them are players. They are never looking for long term relationships. They are just happy jumping from one woman to another. But then there are those who tend to think that they have no skill or charm to woo women. Once they find a relationship, they simply want to hold on to it even if it means constant mental torture. They just think that if they break up they will never find anyone new.

3. “Problems are Spicy”

There is a group of men who love the idea of arguing and taking up challenges. Even in a relationship, they look for them.  Fortunately, they find it all in unstable women. Unfortunately, despite feeling high from such things, they choose to torture others with their series of complaints about their partners.

4. “I need a trophy wife”

By definition, trophy wife is a woman who acts as a decoration piece for her husband in social gatherings.  She is actually taken into a marriage because of her beauty. Now men always dream of having a beautiful wife. Some of them, however, with time, manage to understand that marriage is just more than being with a woman. But those do not can only be saved by the heaven! After all, a relationship based on lust and show off does not see the dawn too long.

5. “She’s my ticket to wealth”

Men do not take a second to call a woman gold digger if she expects them to treat to her in a luxurious way. However, several news stories have shown that some husbands got their wives killed for a big chunk of life insurance money. Not playing blame game here. The point I am trying to highlight is that men too can be gold digger. My boyfriend has a friend like that. He is with a psycho woman because she is completely established and has house of her own. My boyfriend was joking that the guy called him once to tell him how depressed he was because of her. He was actually embarrassed by her many times in public places. My boyfriend told me many stories about it. We both always wondered why this guy was not breaking up. But then when we looked into her immense wealth we understood what he was after. I had another guy friend who got into a relationship for similar mission. He too complained how he was getting driven over by the girlfriend every now and then. But at the same time, he used to boast that one day when he will marry her, he will turn into an instant millionaire. My boyfriend also has another friend who married a 50 year old lady because of her wealth. He is currently 27. “Money can’t buy love”  line seems to not have practical depth!

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