Get Autograph of Your Favorite Celebrity Without A Meeting

Twitter has brought celebrities close to their fans. But nothing beats an autograph, for it is hand written. How do you get one? By meeting your idol at a concert or somewhere else. You can also buy them from stores. eBay has an entire section dedicated to this specific item. Before you rush to it, know that there is no way to verify whether the autographs shown there are real. Most often the auctions end at $10. But there are also those that are priced above $100. According to VH1, an autograph coming directly from Tom Cruise may cost as high as $170. These days, however, the price goes above $200. Therefore, forget about buying something that costs just 10 bucks. But don't lose hope. You can still receive an autograph without meeting your idol. There is actually a site which hoards addresses of celebrities from every country possible.

This site's name is Fan Mail. Its owner aims to keep it running forever. This man is noble. He charges nothing and yes, all the addresses are left open to site visitors. How does he add them? The site is somewhat like Wikipedia where almost anyone can contribute. Hence, if you make a request for an address, either the site owner or an independent contributor will help you. So far Fan Mail has more than 50,000 addresses.

How do you use the one you were searching for? Here you will have to spend a few bucks. According to the site, you must write a letter to your idol asking them for the autograph. This letter must be accompanied by photo so the celebrity can sign over it. Another thing you must add is a self addressed envelope with stamp. After sending it, you will have to wait. If no response comes within 3 months then probably you will not get anything.

However, the forum of the site shows success stories in which members sometimes add the addresses that got them the autographs. In most cases, the people had success with more than 3 celebrities. Someone even got response from Hillary Clinton. Therefore, there is nothing wrong in trying.

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