You Carry Dark Law of Attraction: Don't Blame the Fate

Law of attraction theory asserts that we transform into what we think in our head the most with the might of feelings. From outward appearance, it illuminates hopes for those who are wishing to receive something big in their lives. Doing the steps correctly can certainly fulfill the wish. However, in daily life, each one of us is always practicing law of attraction. Experts talk about this, but often do not present their examples.

And honestly speaking, not all those examples have anything to do with happiness. In some cases, we simply attract what we hate the most. The formula, therefore, looks like this: the more we hate something, the more we attract it into our lives. The worse happens when the hatred for the specific thing comes from a vast majority of people. Believe it or not, it can affect an entire group or country. Call it a slap from the universe. Excessive feeling mixed with pride actually contributes to darkening of the law of attraction result. Consider the following cases:

1. Craig Cobb is a white supremacist from North Dakota. He says racism is his religion. In 2013, he received a slap from the universe through DNA testing which revealed that he was 14 percent sub-Saharan African. He dismissed it as statistical noise to continue his so called racial holy war. The man is living in denial here. Expect something greater to happen to him.

2. Anton Szandor LaVey was the founder of Church of Satan. He spent a good number of years hating and speaking negative on Christianity. In many ways, he was more of an atheist who preached that there was no God and Satan. He took his last breath in St. Mary's Medical Center. Apparently, this Christian hospital was closest to his location.

3. After 9/11, hate for Islam was at its peak in the west. Television channels could not go a day without speaking about the people of this religion. When the wars broke out in Iraq, everyone wanted Saddam Hussein dead. And now our President's name is Barack Obama Hussein. He is not Muslim, but the Islamic air is attached to his name.

4. Now think about Mr. Terry Jones who have been burning Quran books like crazy. He thinks the Islamic holybook is the root of all violence. He has many supporters here in the US. We are also seeing Pamela Geller type of people mushrooming to protest the fictional agenda called Islamization of the West. Similar cry is heard from Muslim extremists living in Middle East. They believe the West is highly immoral and thus, a threat to the norms of what they consider Islamic. But guess what? According to  George Washington University researchers,  the West follows Quran more faithfully than the Muslim countries. Ireland tops the list.The researcher took into account Quranic laws pertaining to prosperity, human rights, government structure, relationships with foreign countries and so forth. The study left both Westerns and Middle Easterns shocked. Saudi Arabia which takes pride in being the leading example of true Islamic country ended up at 93rd spot.

We humans are objective as well as subjective. Feelings are not fully in our control. Fateful events affect us. But universe wants us to forgive and forget. If it is not possible to get rid of the hatred we should at least try to not act upon it unless it is for a good cause. Even in this, balance should be maintained. Couple of days ago, a classmate who works at the shelter told us of a homeless person who surprised her by saying that he used to be a warmhearted nurse. He was so sympathetic to homeless people that he wanted to help them in any way possible. He kept giving and giving. But then came a time when he was left with nothing. I don't know the entire story. But according to our classmate, the man reinforced that anything in extreme form is dangerous.

In Europe and Canada, there has been a never ending debate on multiculturalism. The opponents see a threat to it with a reasoning that it will kill their local culture. Honestly speaking, there should be a balance between the two. Neither multiculturalism nor local culture is good for the society. In California, I see both. The inland has the all American culture. Trust me, if you hear what racist things they speak of you will lose your sleep. The problem here is that majority of them lived inland all their lives for which they never met other ethnic groups. To them, Fox news equals to Bible. Unfortunately, their closed mindedness forces the young locals to flee as soon as they graduate from high school. That is why, many have began to believe that inland is the home of senior citizens.

Development there is scarce. In bay area, we have multiculturalism full in action. Sure it sounds like a good cause coming to fruition, but it has given birth to an unusual racism. For instance, a wide variety of jobs are not available to those who do not know Mandarin or Spanish. Below is a sample of a job I was making fun of with my boyfriend. You can ignore all the comments I made. Just notice that an Electrical Engineer in this job is required to know Mandarin.

Do you see how the true extremes are yielding to negative results? The multiculturalism which wanted to eradicate racism and celebrate all cultures is bringing to California the same racism that occurs in job market of Texas where whites usually are given the top priority. Here the substitution is just people from a different country.

I myself learned my lesson from Californian central valley. Some four years ago, I went highly critical of hot climate. In the 90's actually, I had to move to Dubai with my parents. Middle Eastern climate left me traumatized physically as well as mentally. Once dehydration caused me to faint in school. Mentally, the rude classmates affected me. I felt bullied. The dry temperature was exhausting. A year went without rain.It was so difficult for me to cop that I turned depressed and at one point, suicidal. Heat is toxic. It truly blurs the difference between what is right and wrong. After some years in school, I learned that in order to fight the beasts I had to turn into a beast also. I became ferocious and that actually earned me the respect I was looking for. However, somehow my cynical persona converted into a real habit. I could no longer see anything wrong in my negative actions.

After coming back to States, I regained my senses. I realized every wrong thing I did and said to my classmates. Consequently, I learned to blame the heat and those who strangled my innocence. Four years ago, I went overboard with it, forcing the universe to  slap me hard with a fateful event that enthusiastically shipped me to central valley of California. I was rescued by my masters program.
Worse than this can happen to almost all of us.

Intense feeling can do just about anything, but playing with it should be a big no no. Universe strongly tell us to be thoughtful. So we should:
  • Be thankful for what we have.
  • Focus on what is good.
  • Withdraw extreme focus from those that have no connection to us.
  • Understand that progress of the society depends on a wide variety of people. Singling out one group to hate or love is illogical, pure waste of time and recipe for a disaster and humiliation in the future. 
  • Have a balanced temperament.
  • Work to minimize the anger and pride.
  • Do good for the society in a way that it does not hurt us personally.
  • Be mindful that going overboard with love can bite us.
  • Research before accepting something to be true. 
  • Maintain individualism instead of grazing with sheep
  • Forgive.
  • Make an effort to not repeat mistakes.
  • In case of conflicts, choose what is rational.
The dark site of law of attraction is associated with what goes around comes around. Surprisingly, its reflection is found almost in every philosophy school including those of religions and spirituality.

This certainly shows that this form of law of attraction is not a child's play. We must seriously try to avoid it. What religion you are from or whether you are an atheist has nothing to do with it.

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