Cute Names of Drinks from San Jose Marriott

Drinks usually get names that have more to do with flowers, fruits, desserts and islands. Some names come from taste and color. How would you react if a bartedner tells you that you can choose from anything ranging from Cats Meow to Peppy Puppy? Don't think about rushing to PETA. These drinks have nothing to do with flesh and blood of these animals. They are merely based on theme of the convention called Further Confusion V The World 2014. Last thursday, it took place in San Jose Marriot. Consequently, Tanq, the bar of the hotel is offering the themed drinks to the guests. Below picture of the menu is given

The names surely sound cute. But how are they truly connected to the convention? Well, Further Confusion V The World 2014 celebrates fictional animals (which can talk and walk like humans) in the form of art shows, fun activities and much more. Just take a look at the name Peppy Puppy. Yes, it sounds like a tongue twister, but only a fictional puppy can truly act peppy like humans. Hence, it is a pure theme of the convention.

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