34,000 Hacking Attacks Per Day on Game Consoles

Xbox One and Play Station 4 were launched at the end of 2013. Not suprirsing, but Kaspersky Lab reports that since then there has been a rise in the number of hacking attacks on most game platforms including computers used for gaming. In average, they are seeing 34,000 attacks per day. This is quite alarming, but strangely, most hackers are interested in Europ with Spain and Poland being their first two choices for such attacks.

Of course, Xbox One and Play Station 4 have been the main target. The agenda here is to steal usernames and passwords to be sold later to others. This is probably just a trailer of the upcoming problems. The game consoles are no different from computers. They have Internet as their nerves. Kaspersky Lab states that the two consoles have no protection from game related malware already circulating online. This is quite scary. But it is still obvious that anti virus software companies will come up with something to protect those consoles. It will be foolish to overlook the newest business opportunity.

When my family was still quite devoted to Internet Explorer virus made sure to visit our computers at least once in six months. One of my dad's computer engineer friends imparted to us that Microsoft itself was responsible for it, for they wanted the victims to spend money on antivirus software. Coincidently, in 2013, the company told PC users to not depend on their award winning free Security Essentials and that it is best to buy third party antivirus software. Does anyone smell broker?

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