Shower Gels and Soaps That Prevent Body Acne and Itch

The normal bathing soaps and gels do not suit all skin surfaces. They are harsh for some. The biggest evidence of this can be seen in the form of extreme dryness, rash, itch and body acne. If you are prone to getting any of them after shower, your skin is probably allergic to such normal soaps and gels.

If you don't discontinue using them your skin may catch more complicated infections, compelling you to see your dermatologist. Don't be alarmed. This is not going to mark the end of your affair with soaps and gels. There are many out there designed for sensitive or rash filled skin. Below are some of the best options.

Those who get cold sores will also find these gels and soaps useful. When you see one appearing on your lip wash it with any of them before going to bed. Next day, you will find the cold sore shrinking in size.

For Body Acne

Neutrogena Body Clear Body Wash

If you have acne problem you can go for this Neutrogena Body Clear Body Wash. This is designed mainly to kill and prevent body acne. The ingredients are more aggressive. So do not use it on the face. Also find out if you are allergic to salicylic acid. This is the main acne fighting ingredient that this body wash contains. Some skins cannot tolerate it.

Clean and Clear Boost

Those who are allergic to salicylic acid often find their skin to be more in tune with benzoyl peroxide. Clean and Clear body wash has this ingredient. Its sub name is Boost with mango and papaya. There were two others called Charge and Splash. Clean and Clear has discontinued them. It is recommended to not use this product before going in the sun especially if you are planning on wearing tanktop or anything that keeps your shoulder bare. Benzoyl peroxide tends to make skin more vulnerable to damages coming from sunlight. It is best to use the body wash in the evening.

For Itch

Basis Sensitive Skin bar

What if you get itch and not acne? In this case, Basis Sensitive Skin bar might be the right solution. The results, however, have shown that this soap fights against both itch and acne. In a way, it is one multipurpose medication. Doctors often tell eczema patients to use it.


Another great soap is Dettol. It has big name all around the world. Unfortunately, here in US, it is available on in a few specialty stores. This is a bit strange in the sense that its maker’s Veet and Lysol are everywhere. They are part of our American household now. Dettol is promoted as a germ fighting soap, but it does an excellent job of preventing itch. You will definitely find it on Amazon.

Great Dead Soaps

There was a time when doctors used to recommend Dove. It was quite well known for its fight against most body skin problems. However, the newest Dove formula is weak. Hence, it does not prevent the itch. Another one is Olay Unscented soap for sensitive skin. It also won many hearts, yet Olay decided to discontinue it.

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