How Feminists Turned Women into Sex Objects

The mission of feminism is supposed to be about bringing gender equality within the society. Unfortunately, some feminists seem to mistake it for copying men specifically in the field of sex. This has turned feminism into a laughingstock. Did you ever hear “you can’t be like us”? This is the comment most men make against feminists.What is hidden behind this simple line is woe and defeat for women. They are right! Feminists can debate that it does not matter what the men think. It is a free society. Everyone has right to do whatever they want. Sadly, this is the way men think too.Feminists of the 60s successfully brought in sexual liberation for women with twisted ideas. Much of its credit goes to Alfred Kinsey's deceptive sexology report and birth control pills which do not prevent sexually transmitted diseases even today. Feminists supporting sexual liberation said women had the right to liberate themselves sexually. They had the right to experiment and make sexual advances without feeling guilty. 

Today,the sexual liberation is part of our society but with a mixture of traditional geneder roles, making them more twisted and confusing. Women do not usually make sexual advances. Majority of the time, they are open to sex, but want men to take the first step. There are some other complicacies too which we will shortly look into. No one knows why feminists thought that sexual liberation will never leave women vulnerable. Were they too shortsighted? Or were they paid to ignore it all? Sexual liberation has changed the way relationships are viewed today.Socialists argue that no relationship can be successful without sex. Therefore, it comes before love and relationship now. Not all women want to blindly follow it. But they have no choice, for men know how to take advantage of it quite well. They simply can do it. That is why, they laugh at feminists.

The main biological feature of sex is reproduction. It sometimes cannot be avoided. Even pills can't seem to do anything about it.The evidence is in the number of out-of-wedlock children we have in US. Things get worse when the father of the baby cannot be found. This is where the defeat for women lies. The man after passing on the seed can disappear and not worry about anything. For him, the night meant pleasure. But for a woman, the situation is completely different. She cannot throw away the baby and just forget about it. She is stuck with it unless she decides to hand it over to someone else. With that comes another problem of whether the next man she wants to date will accept her with the baby. Certainly, she could go for abortion. But again, it does come with risk factors. Some severe ones are infection, infertility and even suicide. Those who are still feeling skeptic can debate that even husbands disappear and that married women sometimes have to go for abortion. It is true that the ring and written contract cannot completely tie a man. But how many times do we come across a woman waiting for her fled husband? The occurrence is very rare. There are more unmarried moms than them. The point here is that the twisted factors of sexual liberalism have left women more burdensome. They have to worry more than the men about protection.They are the ones who have to bring up the baby they weren’t ready for. They are the ones who have to go through the pain and aftermath of abortion. Generally, when the father is identified, law makes him pay for child support. Even here the men species win. Child support law does not make it obligatory for them to take care of the baby physically. Moreover, the payment is temporary. Now who is more burdensome here? Studies show that less than 2 percent of unmarried moms make it to college and the sole reason behind this is their responsibility to take care of the child.

The twisted ideas of sexual liberation have also snatched women’s ability to be individualistic and say no to what they do not want and like. They are insecure about their relationships more than ever. Actually, the boyfriend-girlfriend relationship is based on verbal contract which can be broken anytime without paying compensation. This contract is now tied to sexual liberation, making things much easier for men and trickier for women. When a female date or partner refuses to have sex, the man can emotionally blackmail her by hinting that hundreds of other women outside are ready to go to bed free of cost. Hence her refusal turns into a deal breaker. No matter how much we deny, we still judge a woman’s status based on her ability to hold onto a relationship. Singles and virgins are usually frowned upon. As a result, women are forced to do anything to keep their relationships going. Also attachment is the kind of addiction that kills both strength and logic. One of the oddest facts is that sexual liberation has made the meaning of rape incomprehensible to both young men and women.  This has been caught in surveys done in Britain as well as in US. General samples can also be found online. See below. Not all of them are from US. Some come from Canada and Britain. 
The definition of rape has always been a topic of debate. The general idea is that it is forcible sexual intercourse or intrusion. Feminists of the 70s, however, debated that rape was not truly about lust. It was mainly about violence and power. Yes, through rape, men just wanted to dominate and bully women! This was promoted heavily. Probably, they still have kept it this way. Apparently, studies caught that most men rapped because of lust and not to dominate women. What should we deduce from this?Were the feminists signaling women that it was okay if men used them for lust? Perhaps, yes since sexual liberation is its croney. Who cares about love? Women must feel like sex slave to achieve equality in the society.

Ever heard of the term women empowerment? Its main mission is to help women make the right choices about their lives, get education, work and defend their self respect. This mission is now lost in the abused notion of sexual empowerment. In fact, these days, they are interchangeable. The idea is that any woman who dares to shrink her clothes and makes herself available for display and use is the ultimate example of women empowerment. At least, this is what the so called feminists of the media have been putting into the minds of girls since the late 80s. Hence, it’s Madonna who enjoys the sophisticated honor in the field of women empowerment. The brainwashed ladies will go many miles to defend it. But Madonna herself has a different take on it. In one interview, she revealed that she wished her daughter would dress modestly. By using the weird logic of media, we have to conclude that Madonna is now an extremist mother. She wants to prevent her daughter from feeling empowered. 

With all honesty, the current idea of sexual liberation has made women more oppressed. It has lowered their position in the eyes of men and even families all the more. There was a time when obscene sexual titles were reserved only for prostitutes and women caught in extramarital affairs. Now even an innocent little girl at a mall is victim of such titles. People seem to subconsciously predict that any American girl born today or tomorrow will turn into a sex object at age 16 or later. That is why, sometimes some new American couples wish to have baby boy instead of baby girl. In their eyes, girls are more of a trouble. Education can’t remove generalization. It runs in the veins of humans. Women have always been seen as weak laughable creatures. That is why, society finds it funny when a man wears mini skirt or when he is called girly. As for families, they forbid their sons from wearing pink. Anything feminine done by a man is a stigma. Why no voice is ever raised against this? 

Feminists always say no one should have the right to call a woman slut without even looking into the fact that anyone who is too involved in the area of sex never gets any respect from the general public. Even males cannot get away. This is probably ignorable to feminists. When was the last time a feminist condemned the behavior of a player? Biologically, his genes are poisonous. Hence, he should be tossed away. Women are never encouraged to do so. Instead they are recommended to compromise. Do you see now how men have got what they always dreamed of? They should send a Thank You greeting card to all feminists who promoted sexual liberation. 

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