Is No No Pro Hair Removal System a Scam?

How many of you watched the make believe commercial and infomercial of No No Pro Hair Removal System? First glance would make anyone think that finally we have a gadget that gets rid of hair permanently without any pain. That is what their script says anyways.

Not just women, but also men can use it. That would mean no more shaving beard in the morning. The body of the gadget is attractive too. It comes in variety of colors and almost resembles Razor cellphone from Motorola or a traditional USB flash drive. Moreover, multiple magazines and blogs have bowed down on their knees in honor of the gadget. They say it works! Majority of the users have opposite opinion though. Some even have horror stories.

Just like many others, even after having a marketing concentration, I ended up believing every claim made by the commercial. But I take my own preach very seriously. Hence, I decided to research on the gadget before buying it. In this task, no source is better than online stores. Keeping this in mind, I first decided to go to Amazon. They seem to have many different pages for this same gadget. Sometimes only the models vary. Stars remain constant. Yes, on all pages, the gadget has received 2 stars and bad reviews outnumber the good ones.

The users have the same conclusion that it does not work. That sure says it is a scam, but wait, there is more to than the meets the eyes.  There is actually a way to make the gadget work. This is what some customers mention in their video blogs and Amazon reviews. Here are some claims they make:
  • The instructions accompanying the pack have to be followed.
  • Enormous amount of patience is required
  • Application must be continued to see the result. 
  • It is not suitable for everyone
  • Hair has to be certain length to make the gadget work
Disappointed customers mention the following problems:
  • The gadget breaks down
  • Pain
  • Getting scarred skin (if not being careful)
  • Continues smell of burned hair
  • Poor customer service
  • Hair growing thicker after some time
Who to believe now? I would go with the ones saying it does not work. The biggest issue here is the customer service. Some disappointed users say that they never got any help by calling the 8800 number. Meanwhile, satisfied customers cannot stop praising the representatives, but they do not say that the thing removed their hair permanently. Online marketing has changed a lot. Companies can now buy reviews of their products from normal people for as low as $5. To look honest, some will tell the reviewers to mention that their reviews are sponsored. Others could care less. There are sites dedicated to this entire marketing technique. Sometimes the companies just pick a site and give its owner an offer for such a review. It happened on this site too. But I truly hate the idea because I know this would kill the pleasure I get from writing about the anatomy of the products.  

The biggest truth about the product is that it does not permanently remove hair which is contrary to the claim they make in their television ads. This is a sign of scam. But wait, the official site has a different claim. You can see below:

From this and the positive reviews, one final presumption we can make is that the use of the system will only slow down the growth of hair. But what about the review according to which it made hair coarser? Burning is still not a good sign especially if it is on the skin. Once, KDKA news did a segment on this product. One of their users showed the burn.

She laughed it away while praising the product. Apparently, No No maker has a huge marketing budget for which we will probably keep watching the infomercial endlessly on television. Feel free to buy the thing at your own risk. I already burned myself few times with Nair and some other hair removal products. Consequently, I am going to skip it. FAQ section of the official site says sensitive skin might experience acne and bumps if the system is not used correctly. This makes me more concerned

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