Ladies don’t want their Friends to be Promiscuous (Research)

We tend to think people of similar mentality and behavior gel together extremely well. No friendship can last without good amount of compatibility. This now looks true only for certain relationships. We are absolutely aware of the fact that men, no matter how much of a prostitute they are, don’t want to take promiscuous women as their wives. A study done by researches of Cornell University proves women are no different.

The survey they have done reveals that despite having their own glittery sexual past, female college students frown upon promiscuous peers who had more than 20 partners in their pouch before the age of 25. In their eyes, virgins are better friends than those.

Both men and women have taken part in the survey. Hence, it is good to ask how men view other sexually active men. Strangely, the findings show that majority of them are not much into it at all. They are fine being friends with such men as long as danger of girlfriend theft remains undetected. In such a position, they favor inexperienced men to be more appropriate for friendships.

The researchers feel that women basically wish to stay away from the social stigma associated with such peers. They are hoping that someday people will open their eyes and accept the arrangement wholeheartedly as healthy.

Now here is the thing, the survey of the researchers seems incomplete. They should have had questions regarding the reasons behind the negativity. Just that one thing about stigma is not enough to explain it all. Little brainstorming reveals the following reasons:

STD's: The idea of 20 partners brings to mind sexually transmitted diseases. No one wants to contract those.

Addiction and Narcissism: It can also bring to mind progressive intimacy disorder which according to psychologists has high correllation with narcissistic tendencies, the acts that generally are thought to make the patient 1. exploit others for personal 2. insult peers out of jealousy 3. do not respect limits. Therefore, we can deduce that women feel certain amount of discomfort around highly promiscuous peers.

Boyfriend theft: Because of the above fact, such women are stereotyped as flirty and dominating. “What if they steal the boyfriend or crush?” a female mind fears.

Illegal activity trouble: One cannot simply go around finding bed partners in random places including classroom where majority of the students do not see the need to be personal with their classmates. Sometimes the urge can mean exploring forbidden areas. No one wants trouble with cops especially during a time when the focus is largely on the future career.

Feeling more superior: Narrow viewpoint might be at play. No matter what the history is and how we behave, we individually like to think of ourselves as more careful than the rest. Just try asking a player whether they have any fear of STD's. The answer they will give is that they always make a point to use protection and go only with those who are clean. Funny thing is that not many are open about such topics and no one carries their lab reports in purses and pockets. So probably the students who took part in the survey think that they have made healthier choice by keeping their numbers low.

It would be interesting to know how women now view players. Are they truly hunks or something else? Looks like in this research this has been excluded to concentrate mainly on women. 

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