6 Things That Show You Disrespect Your Partner

We all want a relationship where we want to be respected. We wish to do the same to our partners. But how do we define the meaning of it? Respecting is not limited to how we diplomatically accept their viewpoints and habits. Its role is extended to what we do and say in and outside the relationship. If you feel confused about it then have a look at the five points given below. They highlight how you might be changing your respect for your partner into disrespect.

1.Discussing your bedroom stories with your friends: Do you give out every detail to your friend about what goes in your bedroom? Do you discuss how your partner is in bed to the point of ridiculing them? If you say yes to both the questions then you are disrespecting your partner. Sure it is good to discuss sex in order to enhance awareness, but giving too many details about your partner’s sex life means you are being immature.

2.Cancelling out your partner’s statements through humiliation: Do you make fun of your partner’s suggestion or opinion? If your answer is yes then you should know that by doing this you are letting him or her know that you do not give much respect to their statements. Just put yourself in their shoes to get a taste of it and soon you will know how it is wrong.

3. Telling them to hang out with you when they have already told you that they are busy: You care about the fact that you are missing them. But to mitigate that, when you force your partner to leave the task they are busy with and hang out with you, you basically show that you hardly respect their work.


4. Cursing at them: This is by far the biggest element that highly stretches the fact that you have no respect for your lover. Cursing is a devil driver, whose effect can remain in your relationship for a long period of time, creating constant ups and downs. Actually, swear words are not easily forgotten by a partner and they often compel them to ask themselves whether you are worth their time or not.

5. Intentional avoidance: Ignoring their calls, not responding to their text messages for more than 12 hours, disappearing and then suddenly popping up in their lives with the thought that they will always be there for you are some of the examples of your disrepsect towards your partner. As a matter of fact, this way you are indirectly sending out the message to them that you are trying to play games in the relationship.

6. Ordering them to do things for you constantly in front of guests or strangers:  This is a way to show guests that you are the one who dominates the relationship. They will get the message with an extra line that you do not have much respect for your partner. Be aware of losing reputation. Traditionally, people believe that both partners in a relationship must share household tasks equally with male and feminine roles being exceptions. So don’t send a girlfriend outside to fix your car. Don’t make a man hold your purse while you do all the shopping. Otherwise, it won’t take much time for your relationship to turn into a joke.

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