Easy to Follow Beauty Tips from Celebrities

In the glamour world, it is the face that matters most. Celebrities are well aware of it and thus, they do all they can to enhance their outer appearances. Most have no choice but to surrender to surgery. Others are naturally beautiful and want to keep it up that way.

But how they do it does not always make a headline. Not everyone uses the most expensive French cream or gets a lip job. Some of the beauty tips they follow are actually very ordinary. Here we have some of them:

Mariah Carey

In the 90s, she mentioned that after a busy day, she liked to relax her skin with an ice cube wrapped in napkin. Does it truly help? It actually should. Ice cube is said to refresh the skin provided it is not directly applied. Yes, it must be wrapped first with a clean napkin.

Britney Spears

She is addicted to Eight House cream of Elizabeth Arden. She makes sure to have it in her purse even during tours. Won many awards, but costs just $19, this cream protects skin and even nails against environmental damage. However, due to its oily texture, it’s best for those who have dry skin.
Natalie Portman

She is devoted to organic products from Pai, a brand from United Kingdom. Her favorite is Chamomile & Rosehip moisturizer designed mainly for sensitive skin. In US dollar, it costs $48 and can be found online. If you notice Natalie Portman’s skin closely you will know it is sensitive. Sometimes the zits are completely visible. Perhaps, that is why, she also makes sure to never let her hands reach her face.  She revealed it as her additional beauty tip.

Sophia Loren

She was considered the most beautiful and popular Italian actress of the 60’s. She was the object of praises all around the world. Her beauty secret was extra virgin olive oil. She loved to apply it on her skin to get a shiny look.  Olive oil does have properties to reduce acne marks and blackheads, but it is suitable for mainly thick dry skin. Research and testing must be done before heading for it. Certain studies have shown that extra virgin olive oil exported to US is not always pure.

Princess Diana

Sure she was an elite member, but her approach to life was down to earth. Princess Diana had a habit of experimenting with various skin care recipes she came up with right in her house. Her skin was sensitive. Consequently, she followed a strict beauty regime of cleansing, moisturizing and toning at least two times daily. She also used avacado paste as her facial mask.

Katharine Hepburn

She was into sugar scrub; she made using sugar, lemon juice and lukewarm water.  She applied the scrub all the time. We already had an article done on the exfoliating properties of sugar and as you know, it should not be used everyday. Perhaps, Katherine Hepburn had thicker skin which could endure this sharp ingredient better. But the report we have shows that the regular use of sugar scrub can cause breakouts.

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