Lazy Lady’s Guide to Cleaning Combs Without The Muscle Work

Once in a while, we all get lazy. We don’t want to touch anything. So things we have get dusty and dirty. This is true especially in winter. During this specific season, the thought of touching water turns us into cats.

Think about how some of our accessories can suffer because of this. The combs would get dirtier for hair. They do not require going through this. Just use the steps given below. They will show you how it is so easy to clean them without the hassle of scrubbing.

1. Get a bucket.

2. Now pour a little bit of shampoo in it.

3. Then pour hot tap water.

4. Stir to create foam.

5. Now make your combs stand in this bucket upside down in such a way so that only their teeth are right in the water.

6. Wait an hour.

7. Then run tap water over the teeth. by now, you should see the combs completely dirt less.

8. Last, air dry.

Fun Fact
Pantene 2 in 1 shampoos work best in this task.

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