How to Remove Dirt from the Edges of Flip Flop Sandals

During summer, flip flops are taken as appropriate fashion statements. One good thing about them is that their designs are constant. Thus, what we wear this year is just perfect to be worn again next year. But usually the obstacle to this is dirt. Flip flops catch it too fast, allowing their overall beauty to decay. This post will save them from such demise because in it, we will learn how to remove the dirt from their edges along with some tips to keep their foam beds clean.

Things required:
Hand washing soap
A tooth brush that has soft bristles (You really need to be careful with this one)
Laundry detergent in a bucket of water (optional: If the flip flops have a huge amount of dirt then before following the given steps you will have to soak them in this water overnight)

1. Run tap water over the flip flops. This will loosen up the dirt.
2. Apply a small amount of hand washing soap directly to the dirty edge.
3. With the toothbrush gently scrub the dirt. Follow what is shown in the picture. You do not want to scrub from bottom to top. As shown here, go from left to right. Note that you should never scrub the area aggressively. Otherwise, you will damage it.
4. Run tap water over the edge to see if the dirt is ready to leave. If it still is visible then apply the soap again and repeat step 3 and 4.
5. Leave the flip flops in the open to air dry. The steps will then yield to the result shown in the picture.

Tips to keep flip flops clean all the time:

  • Before wearing them, make sure your feet are clean. If needed just give them a nice wash. This is because the foam bed easily captures dirt from our feet. This should also hint you that you should not share your flip flops with anyone. They are not going to care whether they have clean feet.
  • If not in use, always keep your flip flops in a bag or shoe box.
  • After coming from beach, wash them immediately.

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