IsaDora Build-Up Volume Mascara Benefits and Problems

Just as the title suggests, IsaDora Build-Up Volume mascara is made for all those who wish to maximize the volume of their eyelashes. Additionally, it is water proof, fast drying, hypoallergenic and can be used for multiple coats. All this seems to make the mascara quite unique. But is it all just big promises or something real? Let’s find out here.


Although slightly more expensive than all other brands, IsaDora is available in most drugstores. This is where I actually picked up its Build-Up Volume mascara. On seeing it, I realized its tube was much bigger than the rest. So I thought it had plenty of mascara liquid inside. As soon as I brought it home, I tested it by applying it to my eyelashes. What was the test result? Well, it turned out of be positive. The mascara did not create clumps and truly was fast drying. I would give Moreover, it gave a nice volume to my lashes. I would give its credit to its high quality brush. Overall, the mascara did half of what it promised. But I cannot really say whether it is really hypoallergenic. It is just that my eyelashes do not negatively react to mascara products.

Although IsaDora Build-Up's fast drying ability is a good feature for all those who wear makeup in a hurry it can turn out to be a problem for the slow and careful ones. To be clear, its one application makes the eyelashes hard. So going for the next coat becomes quite a difficult job. This should imply to you that multiple coat feature of this mascara is rather a hype created by IsaDora. Another problem is that this product is not completely long lasting. Yes, it seems to be waterproof, but long wear leaves solid black mascara particles under the eyes. At least this is what I experienced.

IsaDora Build-Up Volume mascara is not a bad product. I used it and liked how it enhanced the beauty of my eyelashes. In short, I am satisfied with it and thus, I am ready to overlook some of its problems, and give it 4 out of 5 stars. The truth is that no mascara in this world is 100 percent perfectly made. So there is no point in being too harsh on IsaDora Build-Up Volume. At least, it does not leave clumps. We also cannot ignore the fact that its tube actually contains a lot of mascara liquid.  

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