e.l.f Essentials Regular and Water Proof Mascara Duo Review

Makeup products cannot be judged by looking at their brands. At least, this is what I always believe.
So I got myself one of the e.l.f mascara tubes. For a moment, I thought I came across a good deal. Two mascaras in one tube and that is also just for $1?

Nothing could be more exciting than that. Basically, its tube has two openings. While one carries the regular mascara, the other one has its water proof version. Thus, getting it made me feel as if I hit the bull's eye. After couple of usage, I got a chance to understand why this product is so cheap.  But do note that it does have some benefits. On reading the review, everything will become clear to you.


After buying a makeup product, I could not wait a day to try it out. So once at home, I hurried to tried out the mascara. The applicator looked find, but it seemed to have already collected the liquid in sticky form.

Yet without letting any question bubble up in my head, I brushed the lashes with the mascara. A good look in the mirror revealed that they turned darker. Their length was also strongly visible. Next day, I tried out the water proof one. This was not that bad. It left my eyelashes slightly more curled up and also darker.

Overall, e.l.f Essential Regular and Water Proof Mascara Duo seems to be just very ordinary. No real benefit can be expected from it. It is just like any other mascara product that was made in the 90s. This should imply to you that it is just going with the tradition. Good thing is that e.l.f is charging a fair price for it.

I really do not know how I should start explaining the problems this Duo is all about. The overall quality is too average. First of all, it is not easy to understand whether full mascara liquid is really there in the tube. Actually, taking out the applicator from it made me feel that it was almost empty! The mascara just looked too dry inside.  Consequently, the applicator seemed to have black solid particles. They even ended up sticking to my eyelashes. Worst that this were the applicators. They basically clumped up my lashes in a very bad way.But do take it with a grain of salt. Thinner lashes might not have to go through this problem. Mine are dense as mentioned in our previous mascara review. 

The funniest thing about this mascara duo is that it totally becomes dry after a month or two. At least this is what happened to mine. Now it is just unusable and thus, I will have to throw it in the trash can.

This is the mascara that we should buy in an emergency or when we don’t have much money left in the bank account. Do not expect it to do something wonderful to your eyelashes. It is just very ordinary in nature. In a way, it fulfills the requirement of having something called “mascara” in the makeup kit. For all this and more, it gets 2 out of 5 stars.

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