Do You Truly Need Mineral Water Spray?

Few water and skin care brands are now selling mineral water spray for face. According to them, the product soothes and protects the skin. The spray bottle is supposed to act as convenience for travelers. We can put it in the bag and carry it around! But is there anything extraordinary about the water? Is it worth buying? Let’s investigate.

There is less competition in this specific field. Only two or three brands are offering the spray and one is not even from US. Evian brand of mineral water spray is currently the most popular. Its price varies from $17 to $10. Then we have Thermal Spa water from Vichy. According to the label, it contains 15 rare minerals. The product price varies from $14 to $10. Vichy boasts that at least 15 studies have shown that their water is effective on the skin. Is it enough to make the spray more expensive than a bottle of water we buy from Safeway?

Meaning of what they Say
A common claim made by all the brands is that their water is pure and that is what benefits the skin. What helped them understand the quality? Evian and Vichy hint it is the neutral pH. Scientifically, water which has pH- 7 is considered pure. Even a value close to 7 is taken as safer. Decrease from this number means the water is getting acidic. For example, pH 5 is considered 10 times more acidic than the pH value above it which is 6. It goes like this because logarithm is the backbone of its measurement.  Another element married to pH is the measurement of calcium and bicarbonate. pH value 7 proves that they are balanced.

The fascinating fact is that Volvic, Dannon and Crystal Geyser have the same attribute. Sure Volvic is little expensive, but one gallon of Crystal Geyser costs 95 cents or less. According to my test strip, the water has a pH value of 7.6. As for an empty capped mist bottle, its available everywhere and that is also below $3. So now we know that before we had to ULTA for Evian, we should experiment with the mineral water we normally drink. The brands mentioned here are safer in this case.

Whether it’s from Evian or Volvic, good quality mineral water does make a huge difference on the skin. Some benefits are mentioned below:

Cures skin disorder: Here and there, some people actually mentioned how the ordinary mineral water helped their acne prone skin to heal. It is also common for dermatologists to instruct eczema patients to wash their infected area with it.
Balanced elasticity: Good quality mineral water helps the skin retain elasticity.
Lasting makeup: Face washed with mineral water holds makeup longer.
Glossy hair: Hair treated with chemical tends to lose shine and silk texture. Both can be regained by washing it in mineral water.
Hydrated skin: One research concludes that drinking bottled water results in better hydrated skin. However, the long-term effect is unknown.  Fruits are still considered superior than water for skin care.

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