Should Skinny and Underweight People Eat More to Gain Weight?

It is traditionally believed that one remains underweight or skinny because they do not eat much. Can you guess what advice the negative commentators give to such a person? It is, “you should eat more”.

What is shocking is that this line is celebrated east to west because it looks like an easy tip to follow and perhaps, even cozy for the movement of the mouth. But the one receiving this advice needs to tell them to just shut up. Following their advice can actually lead you to emergency department of the hospital.

First of all, eating too much can upset your stomach. Many people compare it to food poisoning because you will not just have a sick stomach, but also nausea. In some cases, however, you will get only stomach ache accompanied by unusual discomfort.  So do not follow such advice. It can turn brutal for your body. The truth is that even if you do not end up with such problem you will add cholesterol to your system and that will mean more complications for you. Yes, weight does not always reflect what goes inside the body. Even skinny people can become victims of high cholesterol level.

Still if you wish to gain weight by only eating contact a nutritionist. This person is knowledgeable about human body’s connection with foods. Thus, he or she will help you better understand as to what and how you should be eating in order to gain weight. The most concerned one will even provide you a diet chart. But one thing you must know is that sometimes just eating food is not enough. Exercising needs to be accompanied with it. The best is weight training because it pumps up the muscles.

On the whole, take the healthy approach instead of giving into people’s dangerous advices. If they do not keep quiet just ask them if they have planned to get you murdered through slow means. By the way, there are some skinny people who can gain by eating a lot. But remember, that everyone does not have the same body. So what worked for them might not work for you at all. 

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