6 Different Effects of the Dark Lipsticks

No matter what the makeup trend is, dark shaded lipsticks are always here to stay. They are universal and this means you will find women of all races trying them out. The reason behind this is their effects that are powerful enough to do almost unusual things to the face regardless of their different textures. But yes, the power does not always turn out to be good. Sometimes it does become negative. We discuss it all over here today.

1. They can make your bare face stand out
There is something extreme about dark shaded lipsticks.  They are capable of making a bare face look bold and full. To see these effects, you do not even require wearing foundation, eye shadow or eyeliner.

2. They make the makeup fuller
Now what if you do wear makeup along with your dark shaded lipstick? This will give you a bolder and fancier effect. It is actually more leaned towards how we tradtionally perceive colors. For instance, while brighter colors equal to casualness, freshness and jolliness, darker shades are considered as more formal and serious.  Thus, the dark shaded lipstick will make you give off an air of being prepared for something bigger like party, formal dinner and even erotic date! Why is the erotic date included here? Because the dark shades are considered artistically sexual also. 

3. They have an impact over your teeth
Dark shaded lipstick has the tendency to steal limelight. This instantly brings your smile in the center point. If you have whiter teeth this lipstick will turn into boon for you. White actually sparkles better in the midst of the dark color. But if they are yellow they will be turned darker by this lipstick.

4. They have an impact of your skin color
You have already come to know that white gets to sparkle better in the middle of dark colors. This means that those who have fair skin will find this shade making them fairer. This can either be good or bad depending upon the type of personality you have. If you are not much into smiling and talking the dark color will almost make you look dead or robotic. But if you are a jolly person it will make you look dominating. As for those of you who have darker skin, the dark shaded lipsticks will make you slightly darker than you originally are. But yes, you will be more capable of taking advantage of the fuller look that this lipstick offers.

5. They can make young people look older
This is by far the most unusual effect that dark colored lipsticks produce. It is actually more leaned towards the fact that dark colors exaggerate facial seriousness, smartness and even tiredness.  And those traits are natural for an aging body. It acquires them over the course of time. 

6. They can hide your acne from others’ eyes
Recall that dark shades steal limelight. This has an impact over acne. Since people will concentrate more on your lips they will fail to notice your acne.

Feel free to do the experiment with your dark shaded lipsticks to see these effects in real life. Note that you will be able to study them better from taking photos and others’ feedback.

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