How to Save A Lip Gloss Wand from Getting Lipstick Stain

Lip gloss moisturizes and adds shimmers to the lips. It can do this job without taking help from other cosmetics. But sometimes we do tend to prefer its clear or transparent version to go over our worn lipstick. This is when a specifically frustrating problem occurs.

The lip gloss wand ends up with lipstick stain. The roll-on version can easily be wiped, but same is not true for the wand. Therefore, caution must be taken in order to keep the stain away from it. To make it happen, you can try out any of the ideas given below.

1. Disposable lip gloss wands
In order to keep the original wand clean, it is best to go with its disposable versions. They are cheap and no different from that one. If you wish to save money on them try out the e.l.f Studio‘s pack of 12 Lip Gloss Wands.  It costs no more than $3.

2. Lip brush
Lip brush is used mainly for applying lipstick. But it can also be put to work with lip gloss. One advantage of using lip brush is that it can be cleaned and reused. Many stores still have their disposable versions. To avoid the cleaning procedure, you can head for those.
3. Cotton swabs
These handy tools are more affordable and tend to break even. Usually under $3, hundreds of them can be found in one box.  You will not have to go to store on and on to get them. But yes, make sure that you dab them lightly on your lips. Otherwise, they might slightly take off the worn lipstick.

4. Finger
Last, if you are too lazy to go to the store and your lip gloss is thin (watery) use your finger. This is how you will be able to keep your lip gloss wand free of lipstick stain. Only problem is that you will have to wash your finger after the application. 

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